5. Theodore Roosevelt
Former President of the United States who spoke softly, carried a big stick, and killed bears. Roosevelt fought in wars, hunted big game, and busted trusts whenever given the opportunity. While out on the campaign trail, he once gave a speech with a bullet lodged in his chest--a feat he may or may not have attributed to his habit of drinking about a gallon of coffee a day.

4. Clint Eastwood
Not many octogenarians are capable of striking fear in the hearts of people less than half their age. At least not in a manner that doesn't involve a complicated breathing apparatus, sitting on the front porch of a dilapidated old house while cackling and gently stroking a cat that hasn't made a worldly movement since the Carter administration, or driving. Ask anyone's dad and they'll tell you, Clint Eastwood is one guy you just don't want to mess with. Go ahead, ask them. It will make their day.

3. Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee is arguably the greatest fighter to have ever lived. He was a ruthless boxer, dominated street fights, and created his own style of martial arts, "the style of no style." He could do one-handed two-fingered push-ups, fifty one-handed pull-ups, and play ping-pong with nunchucks. He's the father of the "unstoppable punch" and two human kids. He inspired the Tekken character Marshall Law, and his feature-length films made him a cultural icon.

2. Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was the king of Macedon and created one of the largest empires in ancient history, stretching from Greece to India--all by the age of 30. The greatest commander of all time, Alexander was undefeated in battle even though he was often outnumbered and is still the standard to which all generals and tacticians are held. He was educated by Aristotle and drank a lot.

1. Genghis Khan
Founder of the Mongol Empire, he led merciless invasion after merciless invasion until he had conquered most of Eurasia. He was also prolific sexually, with as much as 10% of Mongolians today being Khan descendants. No one knows where he is buried, so who's to say he isn't still alive?