Name: Vicki Michelle Hintz

Age: 20

Year: Junior

School: Dakota State University

Hometown: Brookings, SD

Major: Graphic Design

Favorite Drink: Jag Bomb

What could I say to get you to come back to my room and watch Wedding Crashers: You, me, movie….tonight. I'll bring the drinks and pizza.

What could I say to make you try to mace me: Your room is really cute.  I like how you decorated it. (When you've NEVER been in it…)

Do you have a boyfriend: No.

Pink polo, go or no-go
: I think it's hott. Men who are confident to wear pink are a major turn-on.

What's your most embarrassing college moment: I've done a lot of stupid things like pass out on the counter cuddling with the microwave, falling down the stairs at a huge party, etc…but I would have to say the MOST embarrassing was when I was in a huge stadium class (with a lot of ppl I didn't know) and was crawling over my seat to plug in my laptop.  I slipped, straddled the seat, screamed because it hurt so bad, and then of all the luck had my foot stuck in the seat (they were like movie theatre seats).  I couldn't get out and the whole class was sitting there giggling at the sight of me. Quite the embarrassment!

What was Clarissa Darlings' Little Brother's name
: that sad that I know that? No…what's sad is that I know that her best friend was Sam who would always climb into her room by a ladder at her bay window.

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