Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My mom keeps asking me to "load down those pictures" from her camera.
C. Wood

Recently, my grandfather decided to get a new laptop so he called me round to his house, like he usually does when he has computer problems, to help him sort some things out when it arrived. When I got there, he told me there wasn't much left to do as he'd already made a new e-mail address and Facebook account because the others were "saved" onto his old laptop, but the one thing he was still struggling with was "downloading the rest of the internet."
Scott F

I dated a girl who sent her mother birthday greetings via text message – about 6 months later, the mother replied, "Thank you, but it is not my birthday."
Josh White

My mom called me complaining of a slow internet connection and when she tried to check her email the connection to the server would time-out. I brought over my laptop to trouble shoot and found that when I connected to her wireless router, I was having the same problem. When I went to reboot the router I found a towel covering both the router and the modem. When I removed the towel and touched the modem I received a burn blister on my hand. When I asked why my mom had covered these components she stated that she did not like the blinking LED's on the router so she covered it to block out the lights.
T Kochel

My mom and I were taking a flight on Southwest this summer. I pointed out that they had free wifi at the terminal and she said "So we need our own headphones?" What?
Kate M.

I got this Facebook message from a co-worker recently:

"I have lost internet explorer as my search engine. Do you have the address http etc so I can enter it into my search provider box?"

There was too much wrong with this. I couldn't fathom where to start with the errors, so I just ignored it.
Sniffy XD

My dad and I both have iPhone 4s, and I never knew why it took him so long to answer my texts until today when I watched him send one. He types with his index finger only, and if he makes any kind of mistake he deletes the whole message and starts over again.
Riley Stone

I work at a copy shop. The other day, an older lady came in to photocopy some stuff. She wanted to add a flower to a coloring-in page for her sunday school. She asked for 20 copies of the coloring sheet, 20 copies of the flower, spent 15 minutes cutting out all the flowers and sticking them on each sheet, then asked me to photocopy them all again so it looked 'authentic.'
Joel MacGregort from Otago U

Whenever my dad sends a text message to someone he uses their name as a 3rd person, i.e. Instead of saying "Make sure you take out the trash" he sends "Make sure Jake takes out the trash."
Dylan C

Last year, I helped my grandmother get a Facebook account. A few months later, she changed her internet provider from RCN to Comcast, and chose to switch her email address from to After spending hours on the phone with a customer representative, she still did not understand why suddenly typing a completely different email address into wouldn't open her account.
Greg A from Maryland

Today I showed my mom how to delete more than one e-mail at a time.
Meredith H

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