16. Smilk

If you were wondering why you looked so fat in your 6th grade class picture, it's because you were fat. And that's probably, in part, due to Smilk. The Milk Moustache ad campaign made companies realize that kids would drink milk if you aggressively forced advertisements down their throats. And if you added fake sugary fruit flavors to the milk? Kids would guzzle that shit till their moms realized it was making them fat. Though that was also the Butterfinger Milk's fault.


17. Toe Rings

Anyone who wore a toe ring in the 90's is probably still wearing one today because they could never get it off. That's what happens when you cram a cheap piece of metal on your sweaty, growing toe. It didn't look good when it was new, and it really doesn't look good now. You should really get that toe knuckle hair under control.


18. Devil Sticks

Today, there is one person in every college quad playing with Devil Sticks. In the 90's, there were eight. Devil Sticks never took off as much as their marketing campaign indicated that they would have, but they definitely took off more than they should have, considering the fact that they were two sticks with which you were supposed to smack around a third, tasseled stick.


19. Backpack Purses

Move over butterfly clips and scrunchies: backpack purses were the least flattering female accessory of the 90's. They managed to completely disrupt sideboob, make a girl's butt look comparatively enormous, and they provided about a quarter of the storage space of a normal backpack. The only thing worse than a regular backpack purse was a backpack purse in the shape of some sort of stuffed animal. Grown-ups carried those. In public. Never again.


20. These Hair Styles

It used to be impossible to go to a Supercuts without seeing people actively requesting these hairstyles: flat tops, mushroom cuts, rat tails, frosted tips, and long-ass curly hair on guys. While current fashion trends have their fair share of stupid haircuts, at least they tend to err on the side of being too low-maintenance. The 90's was a time of working hard to look ridiculous. And we all succeeded quite well.