20. Kenneth Parcell - "30 Rock"

A happy-go-lucky rube with a permanent smile, Kenneth Parcell is one NBC page who truly aims to please. The pride of Stone Mountain, Georgia, Ken, as he is lovingly referred to by "TGS" star, Tracy Jordan, lives for television and would do anything for his many superiors. It doesn't matter whether it's fetching nachos from Yankee Stadium during the off-season or seducing a disgruntled spouse, he'll do it--all while flashing that big goony grin of his.

19. Steve Urkel - "Family Matters"

With his multi-colored cardigans and hiked-up pants, the bespectacled Urkel was the epitome of geeky. His incredibly high-pitched voice, wild snort of a laugh, and longing for both cheese and the lovely Laura Winslow had him prat falling into the hearts of us all. Including the "Big Guy," officer Carl Winslow, who ended up becoming a second father figure for him.

18. Tobias Funke - "Arrested Development"

Tobias is a jack of all trades. He has been a failed psychiatrist, an unsuccessful actor, an aspiring member of Blue Man Group, an author, the nanny "Mrs. Featherbottom," a member of Dr. F√ľnke's 100 Percent Natural Good Time Family Band Solution, and of course, an "analrapist." He has intimacy problems, which are only worsened by his "never-nude" condition, and makes countless and inadvertent sexual double-entendres.

17. Skeeter Valentine - "Doug"

Doug Funny's blue-greenish best friend, Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine is the type of guy who is at his best when helping others. Whether it's teaching you how to dance or what to order from Honker Burger, he is more than happy to do it. At least it seems like he's happy to do it. It's kind of hard to tell with that "honk honk" tic of his.

16. Dale Gribble - "King of the Hill"

Gun fanatic, heavy smoker, and believer of conspiracy theories, Dale is a devoted husband, "father," and exterminator. The only thing Dale enjoys more than standing around in the alley drinking beers with Hank and the gang is talking about his distrust in government (and Peggy Hill). Speaking of government, if anyone asks, the name's Shackleford. Rusty Shackleford.