10. Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli - "Happy Days"

A motorcycle riding, smooth talking, ex-gang member whose office is a bathroom, if you think there's anyone cooler than "The Fonz," you probably think jumping over a shark on water skis is a perfectly good idea. Want to mess with Richie or any of his other pals? You'd better bring your "Eyyyyy!" game, because you'll have to get through Fonzie first. And hassling "The Fonz" isn't something anyone would recommend, especially not the jukebox.

9. Andy Bernard - "The Office"

Cornell grad and one of the few hangovers from Dunder Mifflin's ol' Stamford branch, Andy Bernard is a motivated go-getter who isn't afraid to get his hands, or nose, a little dirty to get what he wants. As long as his preppy threads remain nice and spotless, of course. Tarnish his clothes, one of his lukewarm-at-best relationships, or the Cornell name, and Here Comes Treble. Did we mention he went to Cornell?

8. Fez - "That 70's Show"

His country of origin is unknown and his real name is known only by his closest of friends ("Fez" is a nickname for "foreign exchange student), but anyone can tell he isn't a Point Place, Wisconsin native. Not that it makes him any less of a member of Eric Forman's basement crew. Fez's childish personality and difficulty with the English language makes him a big hit at "The Circle," and almost anywhere else that isn't his beloved Jackie's bedroom.

7. George Costanza - "Seinfeld"

A great guy to have around, in that Jerry could always feel good about himself in comparison. George is short, balding, neurotic, and tragically bad with the ladies; he even turned one into a lesbian. His only real successes come when he does the opposite of his initial instincts. He is the self-proclaimed "Lord of the Idiots," often goes by his pseudonym Art Vandelay, and was never "Master of his Domain."

6. Carlton Banks - "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

This Bel-Air resident is Will's cousin and manager of the Peacock Stop. After getting slapped on the head a few too many times, he became a compulsive gambler and, in later seasons, owner of a nice little mustache. It's a good thing for him that his dancing and impressive sweater collection were as endearing as the show's theme song was catchy.