Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

Right after giving birth to my first child, my mother called me at the hospital. After congratulating me and asking the sex of the baby (boy), she asked if I could walk her through the steps of getting her mail on her iPad.
Helga B

Tonight, at dinner, my dad dropped quite the awkward bombshell. "Your mom gave me a booty call today at work!" Everyone stared at him silently with various mixtures of disgust and confusion passing across their faces. "You know, she dialed the phone in her pocket!"
Melinda T

My Mother deleted everything off her facebook wall to make the internet faster.
Amy Boulanger

My dad just got a new Verizon Blackberry. He had a Sprint Blackberry before. He doesn't like any of the ringtone options on his new blackberry so he has recorded himself saying "ring ring ring ring ring" and so on. He then recorded all of his other ringtones on his sprint phone and saved them on his blackberry…
Olivia K

My aunt teaches computer science but she uses Internet Explorer.
C R from Sarah Lawrence

Today my grandma asked me to look up a book for her on the iPad bookstore. She had just paid 6 dollars for a paperback at a regular store. Well, I looked it up and told her it was 10 dollars for the iPad version. She than said "Oh why is it so much more? It must be the HARDBACK version"……. I told her no, it didnt have a back because it was on an IPAD!
Richmond Nelson

My mom complains she cant hear her phone because her ringtone is wearing out.
Sen. C

I recently changed my home computer's homepage from Google to Blackle to save energy. My mom only finds websites by typing them into the Google search bar, but when she saw that my homepage was different, she asked "Where are you hiding Google?"
Anoop B

My dad went to the Apple store to buy iPads for my sister, brother and me for Hanukkah. While he was waiting to be helped he saw some people using theirs and then asked a guy which was better—the horizontal one or the vertical one.
Rachel L.

This Week's Good Son Gift Award goes to:Last X-mas I gave my mother a notebook with step by step directions on how to use netflix, her HDTV, and DVR, complete with illustrations. She still calls me with questions but now all I have to say is "Mom, turn to page X."
Jason S from WSU

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