1. Google Tunes

Google's very own open-source music store. Google Tunes is the first music service ever that pays nothing to the artist and charges nothing to the customer; As a result customers have every reason to use it and any remotely legitimate artist has none, allowing Google Tunes to remain perpetually "underground" and full of artists you've probably never even heard of. Currently Google Tunes is invite only, but we hope to make it open to the public just in time for it to not be cool anymore.

2. Google Filters

Google Filters can be used to visually remove content you don't like from the webpages you view based on keywords. All the data acquired by users will be thoroughly logged and used to generate searchable statistics that embarrass geographic cross sections of the country (i.e. 45% of Floridians block the word "gay", while 60% of New Yorkers block the word "Red Sox") This statistics collection will be known as Google Bugaboos.


3. Google Dangersearch

A new way to search for terrifyingly awful images on the web! Dangersearch turns off safe search and uses your custom dignity settings to find only the most rancid pieces of pikachu fetish art available! This service is only available to Internet users over the age of 18 and 13-year-olds with really cool moms that don't care.

4. Google Minus

A return to the simpler, minimalist days of Google. Google Minus acts as a place for you to unwind after a long, exciting day full of using Google products.The search bar has been removed and replaced with a soothing surplus of white space. As an added bonus, nothing on this page is even clickable.

5. Twoogle

Double the search bars, half the searching time! Twoogle allows you to search for two distinct subjects at once, and then compare and contrast your results. If you're feeling extra lucky, try a Troogle, Quadroogle, or even Pentoogle search! Actually, we bought every domain name that ends in "-oogle" so knock yourself out.