6. Google Sun

A complete, fully manipulable 3D map of the sun. With Google sun, every nook, cranny, and blinding eruption of gaseous energy can be enjoyed from the comfort of your computer. As a side note, several hundred photographer astronauts died collecting data for the Google Sun project, so please use this service in their honor.

7. Google Sandwich

Google Sandwich lets you mix and match various virtual sandwich components to create a sandwich profile and share your sandwich preferences with your friends. Google Sandwich has over 50,000 available ingredients, more than any other virtual sandwich service! Disclaimer: Google sandwich does not let you order, locate, or otherwise involve yourself with real-life sandwiches.

8. Google Blurtz

A refined, ultra short-form microblogging experience. Blurt directly at friends within your BlurtBlock, or blurt openly to the entire Blurt-o-Verse! Each blurt is limited to only ten characters and BlurtzBasic users can only blurt once every fortnight, so be sure to make every blurt count!

9. Google Payphone

A brand new, state-of-the-art payphone (located at 76th and Broadway) that you can use any time, day or night (pending presence of other GPP users and/or spare change). Google plans to expand the payphone service across the entire continental U.S. and predicts they will replace cellular telephones by early 2017.

10. Google Google

A Google search service that searches through only Google's various services. While this service can be extremely useful for locating your favorite Google products, we strongly recommend that you never search for GoogleGoogle on GoogleGoogle, as it may cause computer problems and/or death.