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My, now ex, girlfriend picked a fight four months into the relationship citing the reason we hadn't had a fight in four months of dating.

Everyday, I send my girlfriend updates of when and where I'm pooping.
John M

This morning my girlfriend mentioned how every time she turns away from me she is afraid I will slap her on the ass (which I usually do). This prompted both of us to go into a 5 minute impromptu parody of Total Eclipse of the Heart – "Turn around, every time I do I get a little bit worried that your gonna slap my ass" etc

My girlfriend got mad because I told her that I didn't want to hear about her vaginal infection.

In issue 106, Cristina T stated she lost her virginity while watching Blades of Glory. Not to one-up her, but I lost mine while watching Man vs. Food…She told me to go down on her, being the first time I've gone down on a girl i imagined eating the food in the show, and went to work. She later told me it was the best fillacio she had ever gotten.

I make a killer chili that my boyfriend loves. We take turns on who chops the peppers because whoever does inevitably forgets and rubs it into their eyes later, which hurts like hell. Well, he chopped the peppers that night, and later, as we were playing around, I suddenly felt an extremely painful burning sensation in my tenderest nether region. I shoved his hands away, he asked what was wrong, and I screamed "Chili peppers!! On your hands!!" and ran into the bathroom, where I wet a facecloth and held it to my flaming canoe for a good fifteen minutes before it started to numb. It was a zesty night. Enjoy chili responsibly.
Mandy A

My boyfriend likes to make "DJ noises" of scratching a record. He does this while making the action of scratching on my boob.
Michelle H

My girlfriend thought testicles made a "crunch" noise when they are touched.
Brandon D

My wife and I love reading this section, so I decided to send in a married couples gut buster that's sure to be on par with your "Dating, It's Complicated" submissions! One time, my wife gave birth to our first son, she required 15 stitches, wore diapers for the next month and needed "help" [read: I had to do it] applying hemorrhoid cream…. it wasn't funny….. not to anyone.
Edwin P

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