In the early days of video gaming, fancy outfits were not an option. The Space Invaders were as indecent as they were violent, and Pac-Man made his rounds with his pellets hanging out. As time wore on and graphics got better, this simply wouldn't do, and characters needed real costumes and outfits.

Among video game outfits, there's perhaps none more revered than the suit. Be it a fancy dining jacket, or a metal suit with special powers, suits are one of the cornerstones of video game character design. Here is our celebration of the greatest videogame suits.

10. Suit (Tim, Braid)

Most of the "greatest suits" in video game history are suits that have some effect on gameplay. The suit worn by Tim, main character of Braid, is not one of these. While it has no bearing on the character's powers (unless it's a time travel suit and I missed something, but I doubt it, because the dinosaur didn't mention it, and I trust that guy), it does give the game an interesting, classy aesthetic. There's something endearing about a character going through a big, messy adventure who insists on wearing a suit, like a tiny pixelated Christopher Nolan.