Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

I recently moved and changed internet service providers. My mom's boyfriend was trying to find his router so I could hook it up. After a few minutes of rummaging around, I hear, "Here, isn't this it?" I look up and he tries to hand me an electric pencil sharpener.
Colby Reynolds

When my mom first got Facebook, she put in a different city and birth date because she didn't want people "finding out her information." Her first status? Her cell phone number.
Asha Gwin

My mom gave me her iPhone because the screen "moved too much."
David Teodoro from Hiram High School

My dad thinks that pandora searches the internet to find different radio stations around the country playing the type of music you requested.
Tony W.

My 5 year-old nephew is showing my dad how to use his iPad.
anon ymas

Georgetown gave me an identification number to present when I showed up for my guided tour, and I wrote it on a little piece of paper. When it was time to actually go to DC, I decided that since most of my memos about the trip and scheduled events were on my phone, I should just fold up the piece of paper and slip it in between my phone and phone case. My mother, fascinated by my smart phone, kept asking me to find different pieces of information that I had stored on it, and eventually she asked about the identification number. When she did, I sarcastically said, "Hold on, let me do something super-technical with my phone," and pulled out the folded piece of paper, at which point she shrieked: "DID YOU JUST PRINT IT OUT?!"
Grace Elizabeth Hamilton-Vargo III

My boss' bookmarks are all Google search pages.
Tyson Conner

I often browse a number of different news websites simultaneously. Today, after reading a headline from a non-local source about a possible tornado in my city, I switched to the local newspaper website to get more details. I told my mom about this, to which she replied "How is that possible?! The newspaper doesn't get published until the morning!" After explaining that I was on the live website, she followed up with "Oh I get it, they published an early edition for you!"… Wow, Mom…
Kim E.

My grandmother sent me a birthday card and on the inside wrote that her wireless internet wasn't working, so she called the cable company but they weren't very much help.
B B from Ohio State

I just found out that my dad, who totally understands technology and texts constantly, thinks that LOL means Laugh Out Later.
Lynn Marks

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