Larpindor is home to live action roleplayers and cosplayers alike. They're notable for their bravery in the face of embarrassment. While others wouldn't dare be seen in public wearing mis-matched socks, students of Larpindor are perfectly comfortable wearing cat ears and ill-fitting leotards as they shamelessly swing foam weapons at their friends. Their heroism in pretend battle knows no bounds, some facing off in numerous pretend duels every time they attend a con. Their house ghost is a 400 pound girl dressed as Ramona Flowers.

Ragenclaw is host to comic book nerds and angry forum commenters. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things nerdy, students of Ragenclaw use their useless wisdom to condescend to their nerdy brethren. They are incapable of losing an argument, pulling from countless years of reading books and manga based on their favorite franchises. They value accuracy above all else and would rather you be entirely true to the source material than create anything remotely enjoyable. Their remedial house is Derpinclaw, for outspoken nerds who are entirely clueless but nitpick for the sake of being condescending asses.