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One of my roommates was what you would call a facebook troll. Just sit on facebook for hours looking at and commenting on whatever he could. One day he took it to far and liked EVERYTHING on my page. I had about 100 notifications and decided I had to do something. About a week later I went out and bought 300 sticky notes, and wrote "like" on all of them. Then I posted them on every single item in his room and his things in the bathroom too. Across one of his walls I spelled out LIKE using about 100 sticky notes. He was pissed when he got home and had to take it all down but he learned his lesson and never trolled on my wall again.
Jon K.

Our school is one of the most haunted in the country, especially the freshman dorms. So thanks to my sorority twin and her glow in the dark paint, I wrote on the wall above my roommate's bed, "Wanna Play?". The next night, I spent the night with my boyfriend, but the day after all the girls in my hall told me the story that she came running out of the room, crying and screaming and pounding on the R.A.'s door, flipping out. When the R.A. told her it was probably me who did it, she claimed that I "would never do that, she's too nice." and she didn't sleep in our room for 2 weeks. Fortunately, she dropped out to join the military and got rejected twice, and I haven't spoken to her since. So much for me being too nice, huh?
M.L. from FSC

I am responsible for the vast majority of the pranks that befell you this past year. They include, but are not limited to: sewing all your socks into one long chain, shortsheeting your bed, mixing blue dye into your shampoo, putting dog food in your leftovers, switching the sugar and salt, super gluing your shoes to the floor, rearranging your furniture, hiding frogs in your drawers, and so on. You never actually fixated on a target for the blame for the pranks. But seriously, what did you expect from a bored pre-med student that the RA calls "Hawkeye", especially when you're so stuck up and uptight?

Hey Hannah, remember how you were constantly critiquing what I ate, what I wore, and just in general telling me I was a fat slob. Well my mom was a tailor, so when you went spent the night at your boyfriends I used the floor sewing machine to slightly let out your pants. Just a little every few weeks. Eventually I had let them all out an inch or so, but they never got any bigger on you. You just kept filling them in. That is why when you go to the mall you have to go up size. If you keep it up I'll do the same to your new pants too.
Ren M. from IU

So I was recently at a party when I decided through being bored/drunk/a moron in general, to take a piss in the upper tank of the toilet so subsequent party-goers would find more piss coming out when they flushed. Sounds like a straight forward prank right? Well it would have been except this was my own house. I really have no idea why I do these things.
Bob W.

I moved in with my buddy and his parents 2 months ago while I save up for school in the fall. He's a chill dude but when he plays hockey on the ps3 and scores a goal I can hear him go ape shit and call his mom all the time. "MOM!! COME SEE THIS GOAL!! MOOOOMMMMMMM!!! HURRY YOUR GOING TO MISS IT!." This guy is 26.

My roommate thinks it's OK to leave nasty ass shits in the toilet and not flush at all (let's just say she takes "if it's yellow let it mellow" to a whole new level). The smell in our room is disgusting, and the smell of warm, rotting piss. To get revenge I replaced all of her word documents with pictures of her nasty shits, and saved them to random places on her computer, too bad she never reads her work right before she emails it. Hope you'll think twice before leaving your number two for me to find.
Margaret P.

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