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My friend and I went for a pushbike ride into town without helmets. After tailing us for a short while, a police offer gave us our $100 fine and asked cheerily what we want to do with our lives. Turns out joining the circus was not the best answer.
jazza derko

A few months ago, my brother and I went to go pick up my grandmother from work. While we were waiting for her a cop in an undercover police car pulled up over by me. Not noticing, my brother and I continue goofing around in my car. As we leave with my Grandmother I see lights come on behind me. The officer asks me to step out of my car and starts questioning me. My current appearance doesn't look too good seeing how I have messy hair and beard, my car is covered in dents, along with me being super nervous. He asks me if I had been doing drugs and truthfully I say no. The funny part of it though was in the back of my head, I wanted him to search my car. I make videos with my friends and I hold all the props, so he would find gorilla masks, an inflatable monkey, dress and a wig. He never wrote me a ticket because he said i was just driving suspiciously.
coty lewis

So my family used to throw a big Fourth of July party every year. One year we decided to have my brother's and my birthday/graduation party during it to save money. Being that it was Fourth of July weekend, we had certain fireworks that are illegal in our state. I dont know how the cops found out, I mean it couldn't have been my dad's friend who kept on setting off half sticks of dynamite. But a couple of cop cars and a firetruck show up at our house. My dad and I walk up to them and ask if we could help them. The cop asked if we knew where what turned out to be our address was because he got a call about illegal fireworks that could light the corn fields on fire. My dad then looks to the cop and tells him "Go to the end of the road and take a left, stay on that one for about five miles and the house should be on your right." The cop said thanks and drove away all the while passing by 10-20 campers/tents and at least 100 people in our yard most of whom are drunk, including my uncle who lights off a couple more fireworks while waving bye to the them. They didn't turn around so I figure these gotta be the world's dumbest cops.
James Nom Nom Nom

I was at a club at the beach and I met this foreign guy and after some talking and dancing we decided to go elsewhere. Our hotels were far away so we decided to hook up on some canals on the beach. We started kissing, things got heated up and before anything greater could happen a police officer came and flashed us, asked us to get dressed and told us to climb in his car so that he could take us to a judge to declare and pay a fee. I had no ID, no phone and no money since I left my purse at the club and the other guy spoke no spanish, so basically we were f***ed. After almost an hour trying to convince him that we were just having fun and that we wouldn't do that again, I almost started crying 'cause I was there with a friend and her family so without money they would have to pick us up at the station. The policeman asked us to pay 200 dlls and we could leave. After that we just decided to use the club's bathrooms …
T. O

A few weeks ago, I went to a park to play some frisbee/smoke a couple of doobies with my brother. When we got there, some dude was playing cricket by himself and noticed we were smoking weed, but he was cool with it. After half an hour of playing frisbee, more people showed up to practice cricket with that dude, and they all pretty much saw us smoking but didnt say anything. Then, this guy bikes past us and eyefucks us when he smells our weed. He directly meets up with his friends (the cricket players) and they start walking towards us. My bro and I were about to make a run for it, but they got to us before we could even stand up. They tell us that we picked the wrong place to smoke up, as the 30 or so cricket players were all cops on the police cricket team. They let us go after 5 minutes because they thought we were American tourists and wouldnt be allowed back in the country if we had gotten arrested.
Gautier Roy

So my junior year of high school, my friends and I were making a video for my English class. We were already a few days past the due date so we needed to finish filming that night. Well, the particular scene we were working on involved all four of us walking down the street wielding guns and swords. We all planned on using obviously fake weapons. My friend didn't have a fake… but he did have a 12 gauge hunting shotgun. We decided it was good enough and made sure that we did the scene quickly to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. Five minutes after we had finished filming we started to hear sirens in the distance, so we took all of our props and put them inside. We were waiting in my friends house for about two minutes when I decided that it was probably just a coincidence and started to walk outside. Once i walked out the door and past my friends garage I notice a police officer across the street pointing a M1A4 strait at my head and he screams for me to get down and put my hands on my head—so I did. It's not until I'm down on the ground that I notice around ten more officers all equipped with Kevlar vests, assault rifles and shotguns. There were also three more cars driving up. After a few minutes of questioning and pat-downs the police officers share a laugh with us about the footage that we got earlier that day, and also offered to vouch for us just in case our teacher asked us why we haven't turned in our video yet.
Brandon Malaty

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