Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

My dad's first status on Facebook was, "Not much," answering the question, "What's on your mind?"

Back in 5th grade, I was typing up a story on the library computer. The librarian made clear I was only allowed to type, not play games, so I was surprised when she started hollering at me for playing Super Mario on the computer. Why? I was typing the words "Super Mario" in a large font into Word.
Alex Sorkin

I was telling my mom about a funny movie I watched on youtube and told her she should watch it too. She said that she'd watch it on her phone and I told her that would be annoying because it's a normal length movie and she should just watch it on the computer. She replied with, "You can watch youtube videos on the computer?"
Jess Smith from FGCU

My grandma called me up to ask me the phone number to call twitter so that they could sign her up for a "twittering account."
Jenn H.

Well. I work at my college's help desk, and I just finished "helping" a lady who had an interesting problem. I thought I heard the new lab worker incorrectly, but I went over to help. For some reason, the word document/s she had saved in her My Documents folder at home weren't showing up in her My Documents folder here in the computer lab. She was honestly confused by this.
Calvin H

My mom thinks her wireless router is inside my laptop. And I live 2 states away. We just bought her router and my laptop at the same time. Anytime her internet goes out she calls me and yells at me to turn it back on.
Nikki Trummer

My mom always yells at my brother for "breaking the internet", when really he is just resetting the router or something… So one day she is trying to send an email and starts yelling for/at my brother, he wasn't home so I went to see what the problem was: she had written an email in Microsoft Word and didn't understand why it wouldn't send.
Laura Farbo from Franklin and Marshall

I was having problems with a program on my computer at work. My boss told me to shut it down, so I did that. She informed me that while it was shutting down I needed to hold the power button on the tower "So that you can turn it off right at the electricity." What?
Brittney O from MSU

My professor sometimes gives online lectures where we listen to her speak and we can type questions to her throughout the lecture. A classmate wrote that she couldn't hear anything the professor was saying. The professor proceeded to speak the instructions on how to fix the issue. I'm not sure that the issue was ever resolved…
Sam Levine from Hunter College

My best friend's sister just had a baby and posted pictures on Facebook. Their grandmother's status has been the sister's name more than 6 times in the past week.
Kelsey Fox from SUNY Geneseo

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