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I've kept being gay from my roommate the entire semester. Not because it would weird him out or anything, but because I knew he would say, "Well as long as you don't hit on me…" and the only truthful response I could give him would be, "Don't flatter yourself. You are so unattractive and misshapen that I literally feel nauseous whenever I look at your face/manboobs."
Tony D. from UCI

Even though we let you use all the plates, cutlery and cup that WE bought, you still don't have the decency to wash them after you use it. Well we dipped all of it in a container of piss and have been eating out or on paper plates for the past two weeks.
Yassin A. from Carleton U

I was renting a room in this house with 2 other guys and my cousin's boyfriend (she did not live there). One night she brought home a puppy. Like all puppies, they don't come out of the womb potty trained. So, it shat on the floor a lot. It would do this even though she would be out of the house for several hours at a time. She would be surprised to find piles of dog shit everywhere in the house, and asked why I hadn't taken the time to let the puppy outside. I explained to her that the puppy is her responsibility and not anyone else's. Then she made a big deal about no one helping her potty train the dog, so I feed the dog exlax from time to time to teach her a lesson in responsibility.
Steven B.

My roommate is usually pretty cool about most things except that he has one weird hobby. he collects candles. This wouldn't be so bad if he didn't light all 17 of them at once making our apartment smell like a New Orleans palm reading vendor. I moved all his candles in the fridge overnight making all his food taste like lavender and set his facebook statuses so that only I could see them. He stopped lighting candles and deleted his facebook out of loneliness. We still live together but now girls don't think that I live in a monastery. Problem solved.
Nate P. from Texas A&M

I'm like 95% sure I read about one of the people I live with offering her boyfriend a hand job while he was playing WoW. That frickin' hilarious, but it's weird to look at either of you with a straight face now.

I used to room with this who loved computers and always seemed sketchy as shit to me. One day I overheard a conversation that he was going to put a key logger on a public computer and try and get peoples info, which was messed up in my opinion. So one day while he was in the shower I put a key logger on his computer (I'm not so bad with computers myself) and later had his log-in to his online bank account. To get back at him I signed up for porn sites, and ordered plenty of dildos under his name and with his money, which was linked to accounts under his parents names, and for the next 2 weeks all I hear is him and his parents arguing with each other about the "stunt" he pulled off. Take that for trying to steal other peoples info shit head!
Saidahk S. from CCSU

One roommate, Blake, went out of his way to be a dick to everyone in the house. He would turn off the furnace in the middle of winter (I slept in the basement), making the entire house freezing. Other times he would invite 20+ people over and leave the aftermath for days, if not over a week before we cleaned it out of the pure need to sustain living there. As Spring break approached he announced he was going to see his family and his girlfriend would be staying in his room. The day he left Blake decided to call the cable and garbage company and stop our service for the 7 days he would be gone. That night I invited people over to the house, introduced his girlfriend to drinking games and had sex with her in his bed, completely breaking the legs on the bed and knocked his computer off his desk (which was located right by the side of the bed). To top it off I wrote "I banged your girlfriend when you were gone" on his wall with silly string. The only downside is silly string stains walls and the message was there even after it was washed off, until the day my friend and I moved and painted over it. I found out in May of this year that the message eventually worked its way back through the paint and Blake had to switch rooms with the new roommates.
Patrick C. from Washington State University

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