Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? If you've got an example of your Parents Just Dont Understanding, submit it here!And thank God well never be as dumb as they are!

I was doing some tech support for some of my grandfather's friends who have a family company. When I told them I was going to download Google Chrome so they could browse the internet faster (they were using Internet Explorer on amazingly old PCs!) one of them started screaming "NO! I don't want my wallpaper to disappear!". When I told him the browser had nothing to do with the wallpaper, he just kept screaming at me not to change the wallpaper…
Adam E

My parents just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1 (we're going to watch Pt.2 tomorrow) and all they've talked about, the only part that really amazed them, was the tent.
s c

My mom uses an AOL search bar because she says google "doesnt have the same websites."
J B from RPI

I was setting up my grandparents new computer, and was bookmarking a few websites for them I know they visit often. I asked them if there were any other websites they would like for me to bookmark and my grandpa goes, "Make sure you bookmark the internet!" …I just said, "Okay grandpa, will do."
Amanda Garrett

My friend's mom wrote, "Where are our New York photos? How is the food?" on his Facebook wall… 20 times.
Tim D from UNSW

After many occasions of my desktop freezing, I decided to buy a new laptop. Bringing it home, and showing my mom the replacement I found for our desktop, she says, "Ok, so I can cancel the internet if you don't need that machine, right?" Confused, I asked her to explain. "You just bought that. It comes with its own internet, right?"
Mike Caraway

My mom used to work at an appraisal office, and she needed to move some stuff around in the office. She called a tech service to send someone to move her printer because she didn't think she could "mess with all those plugs". He came, unplugged the printer from the power outlet, moved it to another room, and plugged it back in. Just one plug. She said "Is that it?" and he replied "It's wireless."
Cait L from ORU

I was telling my mom that I don't think my cousin uses her email address anymore because she graduated 4 years ago. My mom responded that she was going to try anyway since my cousin "just moved back to Colorado so she probably uses it now."
Scott S

My mom wanted to find out the phone number to a store and didn't know how to search it. I told her to go to She responded by getting really stressed because that wasn't the store name.
anon ymous

While sitting down with my family and watching an episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon briefly discusses the differences between USB and FireWire, my mom asked me what USB stands for. When I told her that it's "Universal Serial Bus" she asked me if the B stands for bus because that's what you get if you rearrange the letters in USB.C'mon Mom, really?
William O

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