This phrase has had quite the journey. Whether it's been said by douchebags, Steve Carell making fun of douchebags, douchebags not understanding that Steve Carell was making fun of them, and of course , annoying comedy nerds ironically saying it despite how much it annoys their equally annoying friends, we've all had our fun with it. But it's time to let it go. No matter how long it might take or how hard it might be. It's time to let Mr. Carell take back what rightfully belongs to him.

Fun fact: Everyone using the train is equally impatient and most likely in a hurry, that's just one of the many side effects of using public transportation. So while you may think trying to rush headfirst into a roiling sea of commuters makes you look like an important person with important business to be done, in reality, you look about as cool and collected as a bird flying into a freshly-cleaned office window.

This entry falls into the expansive category of "not having anything original to say." Our best advice in situations like this is to just not say anything at all. The fact that you're letting something as universal as a unit of time dictate something as complex as your mood does not speak highly of your personality. On a related note, you should also refrain from saying that any day other than friday "totally feels like a friday." Because that's just hurtful.

Chances are the, more you use the word swag, the less of it you actually have. This is especially true if you spend your time using it to describe things you see on the Internet. We're not saying that there aren't things out there in the world of popular culture which can be described as "swag." We're just saying that chances are good you don't know what they are.

Let's set this straight. There's a difference between reading and enjoying all the Harry Potter books and reading all the Harry Potter books then writing essay-length blog posts about the specific criteria that separate candidates for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. The former means you're a fan of pop culture, the latter means you are a big, hopeless dork. Being a nerd isn't cool, and trying to pretend you are to impress your friends (another thing nerds don't have) makes you even less of one.