What you said in June: Is it supposed to drip this much? Did it do this last year? I remember some drippage, but this seems unreasonable. I'll call someone about it tomorrow. Or I'll Google it. Whatever.

What you said in July: I'm starting to think this might be normal. I mean, I don't know of any other air conditioners that drip this much, but if it were a really big problem, someone would say something to me, right?

What you're saying now: Ok, yeah, it's definitely not normal. My AC is messed up. But it still works and it's supposed to stop being hot in like two weeks, probably, so I'll just ignore it. I'll figure out the problem before next summer. Easy.

What you said in June: Sorry I couldn't make it to your Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, or birthday party, but I'll make up for it all with one big summertime rendezvous. Yes, fine, at your place—but only if your pullout couch has thawed.

What you said in July: I know I said I'd come up this weekend, but between work and what I do when I'm not at work, things are pretty hectic for me. Not to mention, my grandmother isn't getting any younger—so maybe try and have some sympathy.

What you're saying now: You know you're always welcome here, right? Not that weekend though. I think I have a doctor's appointment.

What you said in June: It's time for me to become an adult. I'm going to go out there, show the world what I can do, and really start providing for myself. I've got a college degree, a CV printed on shiny, thick paper, and a dream—not even a bad economy can keep me down.

What you said in July: Times are tough, but if I keep on networking, applying, and getting my name out there, I just know I'll catch on somewhere.

What you're saying now: It certainly isn't the job I imagined myself having, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being the overnight fry cook at a fast food restaurant. In a way, I'm sort of glad the manager decided to go with that Yale graduate. He makes one hell of a good fish sandwich.

What you said in June: I know there are always only 24 hours in a day, but there's something about how late the sun stays out in the summer that makes me feel really productive. Like, I just spent 2 straight hours staring at the Ikea catalogue that was accidentally put in my mailbox instead of my neighbor's. I'm going to totally revolutionize my apartment this summer. It will be so easy.

What you said in July: I'm finally doing it. I'm going to go to Ikea on either Saturday or Sunday. Unless it rains or I'm sleepy.

What you're saying now: You know what? I shouldn't buy new stuff. That's stupid. I should just throw some stuff out. But not that stuff. I need that.

What you said in June: I don't know why it took me so long to give it a shot, but this "Mad Men" show is really something. They sure don't make women like Joan Holloway anymore. Well, besides the actress who plays her. Va-va-voom! I think I need a cigarette.

What you said in July: Ugh, Betty Draper is the worst. Someone pass the whisky.

What you're saying now: Are you serious, Netflix? You're going to charge me more money for less service? I'm going to be very indignant and cancel my account now. That way, when people ask me why I still haven't seen all of Mad Men, I'll seem smart and principled, and not like someone who was too bored to finish.