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Whenever my friends or roommate pass out with their shoes and socks off I make it a point to put unlit matches between their toes then light them and watch the results. Funny thing is they still havent stopped falling asleep with bare feet.
Scott C.

My roommate and I have been friends for six years. We took a hiking trip today. She seemed normal as shit until she made me listen to nickelback cds the whole way up there and back. It consisted of a 2.5 hour drive each way. I will never look at her the same.
Maddie G from ASU

I'm a pretty athletic guy despite not being on any campus sports teams, and work out regularly. My roommate was considerably less in shape and always complained about it, so I offered to work out with him at the campus gym. However, when I took him, he complained and bitched the whole time, and refused to actually do any hard work or lift anything heavy. He then decided that the only way I could be in shape was if I was taking steroids, and started constantly accusing me of taking them. It got really bad when I found out that he made up some bullshit story about how he caught me "shooting up" in the dorm room and started spreading it around. I was pretty upset and was going to confront him, but soon after that he asked me if I knew where he could buy some steroids. I was about to tell him no and go off on the guy, but then I had a brilliant idea. I told him I knew a guy, and set up a "deal" between him and a friend of mine. Hope you're enjoying your $500 cycle of sugar pills, bro!
Ryan H

My roommate's douchebag friend decides that it would "funny" if he pretended if he was the employer of a business and call me saying that I got a job. I showed up at Famous Footwear at 6am for nothing. Well once I found out it was him who actually called me, I decided not to do anything about it… at first. He kept talking about it and was rubbing it my face on how he got me. So I went and signed his cell phone up for 19 different text alerts for random things like celebrity gossip and Kansas weather alerts. Now his phone get pointless crap every second. Don't ever try to fuck with me Quinton. :)
Franklin C. from ICC

My roommate was a great guy, no issues with him at all. But I am a huge dick, so I decided to play a little prank on him for no reason at all. You see, he is really, really, REALLY religious and a total Facebook junkie, so I used my Google phone number to prank text him. It went like this: WARNING FROM AT&T: A random search through our database has flagged your account for the possible distribution for child pornography by SMS. CEASE & DESIST. That did it, he flipped out, posted that screenshot on Facebook, for the world to see. After that pic hit 100 likes, I was encouraged and sent a few more saying the local police had been notified and telling him that sending pics of his dick to kids would land him in jail for 5 years. He was legit flipping out and was worried all day that cops would be banging on the door. Anyways, bro, it was me.
Omar K from NYU

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