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My mom was using my computer and found a website that was important to her business. I suggested that she should maybe email herself the link to the website but she and my dad insisted that the website would not open back home. They then proceeded to copy every single page on the website unto a word document. Every.Single.Page. Did I mention they were doing this on my computer?
Tomiwa A from Florida Tech

My Grandpa and I were playing Wii Sports Resort on Table Tennis. My Grandma was watching and asked us, "Why don't you just sit down and let the guys on the screen play?"
Scipio Africanus

I recently went shopping with my mother. She walked into the Apple Store and I followed her thinking she wanted to buy a new computer. After looking around for a couple seconds, she said to one of the staff members "excuse me, where do you keep your Microwaves?"
Graye Robson

I once had a teacher who tried to show the class a movie. She insisted, over the helpful suggestions of the class, that the best way to fast forward through the previews at the beginning of the DVD was to walk over to the player and physically hold down the fast forward button through all of the previews. Since she only pressed the button once, we proceeded to sit through the previews while they fast forwarded at the slowest speed. The movie took multiple classes to finish, and we sat through the previews each time.
Carver Oblander from Willamette University

My mom was using her iPhone and I asked her what time it was. She turned off her phone and put it away then looked at her watch. She didn't understand why I was laughing.
k g

My mother recently got a debit card for the first time and was really excited about being able to buy gas without having to go inside with cash. The first time she does this she can't get it work. So she goes inside and gets one of the workers to figure out what was wrong… She had jammed the whole card in the receipt slot… She was confused why it took so much effort to get it to take her card.

Today I asked my aunt if I could use the computer after she was done. She said she was done she only had to sign off of "the face" Half an hour later, she came out of the room, proudly proclaiming that she had figured out how to sign off without my help. When I checked she had gone offline for chat.
Alex R from ISU

My great aunt answers her house phone every time, not by pressing the talk button, but by pressing the speaker phone button, yet still holding it up to her face as if she answered it normally.
Jacob Wilson

Seems like as you try to help your parents, their intelligence regarding computers just regresses. This one time, I was helping my mom try to email me a bunch of pictures (itself overkill, as she seems to have just discovered the wonder of cameras). So we got her logged in to her email, started composing the email and then we came to the point of attaching the pictures. All of a sudden, she forgot how to click and drag. In attempting to explain the concept, she promptly forgot how one goes about clicking at all. The next day, I received 15 duplicate emails of the same pictures, over and over again.
Siddharth Sadanand from UT

My Mom was having an argument about her Facebook, and I told her to calm down and stop arguing, it's just a website. She got all offended and said "My Facebook is NOT a website! Not everyone can see it so it's not a website! It's private!"
Daniel Miller

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