Here, buried 3 links deep into our Sarah goodbye posts, are actual reflections and thoughts about our friend, written with as little cynicism and sarcasm as we could muster.

Streeter: At some point in early 2006, there was a massive snowstorm in New York City. Sarah and I made plans to meet at the office and go out to meet friends from there. Being a relatively young Internet company, ping pong was a central part of our work day at that point – we even had a ranking website that still exists – and Sarah and I were very competitive with each other. So we decided to play. Then we played another game. Then we grabbed some beers and played some more. And some more. And more beers and more ping pong. And soon we were both extremely drunk, on our 50th game, and essentially stuck in the office, neither of us willing to concede defeat. So we stayed up till well past 4 in the morning drinking and laughing and desperately trying to outmatch each other. I don't remember who won, I don't even remember when we decided to call it a night, but I knew I had a lifelong friend in Sar after that night. How many single girls in their early twenties will sacrifice a Saturday night to get drunk, play ping pong, and talk shit with a profusely sweating, stumble-drunk co-worker? The answer, of course, is only Sarah; the funniest, funnest person you could ever hope to have the pleasure of calling your friend.

Pat: Writing and performing with Sarah for the last four years has been an awesome experience, and I mean awesome in the "cool" sense, not the lame, "meaningful in the long run but agonizing at the time" sense, like a World War II battle or art museums. She's funny, smart, silly, talented, and an as-yet-uncreated adjective that combines "nice dresser" with "doesn't mind shit jokes." If Dorothy Parker and Dolly Parton accidentally stepped into the chamber from The Fly, Sarah Schneider is what would step out. (She'd still eventually devolve into a slimy puddle like Jeff Goldblum. Sorry, Sarah. That's what you get for playing God.) That she is probably the only girl (or guy, really) I know amused by images like that is another reason I'll miss her. To be honest, I have no idea how we'll fill the gap she'll be leaving here at CollegeHumor. I'm of course talking about where her desk used to be. Maybe a pinball machine?

Ricky: Do you