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One time I was in Phoenix, Arizona, getting ready to leave the city. In Phoenix, it's usually pretty easy to ride the Light Rail for free if you're sneaky and get off the train if any Metro Cops climb aboard. So, one day, I get distracted and these three Metro Cops get on to start checking tickets. So, here I am pretending to dig through my backpack for a ticket that didn't exist. The cops pulled me, my big pack and my guitar off the train and tell me "We either give you a ticket, or you play us a tune" I immediately began playing Landlocked Blues by Bright Eyes, which starts "If you walk away, I'll walk away" They not only let me go, but allowed me to ride the train for free the rest of the way I was going, and asked me only to remember them when I'm famous.
Kieran Moruzzi

Me in my friends were at a comic convention in Hartford, CT. It was late at night around 10-11, and we decided to stop at burger king on the way back to the hotel. It was pouring and when we arrived at burger king there was a line out the door with cops and everything. We were dressed in cosplays from Pokemon, Fallout New Vegas, and some animes a.k.a. complete nerds. Well one of my friends had a fake plastic gun for his FNV cosplay. The cop asks to see it and says "You need to keep this more hidden, if i see this in your pocket i don't know if its fake i will shoot you."
Taylor Ann

I live in Canada and was taking a trip all the way down to Alabama with my brother. At the Canada/US border, they thought we were suspicious and decided to search our car. As usual, they ask us if we have anything they should know about, and we both said No. After waiting a few minutes in the holding room, they called us out. Turns out I forgot about the oranges I brought in the car as an "Energy snack." They told me how illegal it was to smuggle citrus fruits and "let me off" with a $300 fine. They then asked "who's machete was right behind the passenger seat," and my brother says its his. The customs officer told him it was a nice knife and that he should keep it in his suitcase. Apparently oranges are a much bigger deal than easily accessed weapons.
Anonymous Anonymous

My bother, my cousins, a friend and I were going to my house. My brother got pulled over for cutting a car off. While my friend and I were laughing in the backseat, the officer's partner snuck up to the window. My friend didn't have his seat belt on. The cop looks at my friend then asks my cousin who was in the front seat "is that a pie?" I told him it was a cheesecake, he said "close enough". My brother got a warning.
Marlon Trigueros

My girlfriend at the time and I were staying over her parents house over the weekend and decided to sneak out at night to find a place where we could be alone. We found a parking lot near the beach and parked far in the back since there were other people hanging out on top of their cars. We began to get busy in the back seat of my car when those people decided to speed to the back of the parking lot and just drive by us and leave. This terrified her and made her paranoid, but I knew they were just assholes. Within 30 seconds two cars entered the parking lot and one of the cars blocked one entrance, while the other had parked with its front point at us. Thats when I decided we should probably go, with just my boxers on. We started heading towards the second exit when both cars turned on their lights and started driving towards us. I then realized that they were both cops. I frantically tried to find my clothes only to seem them on my girlfriend. I found her pants and ATTEMPTED to put her pants on (not even close). The cops began walking to my car and then I suddenly revved my engine trying to put on her pants. they reached for their guns and I had lowered my window to say that was an accident. One officer crept towards the car and ran back laughing at the sight. He explained the lot had just closed and that we were not allowed to be here at this time. He laughed politely at me seeing that the pants I were wearing would not fit and sent us on our way.
JohnnieS**tTalker Gonzalez

Last week me and a couple friends were hanging out next to our cars in a Tim Horton's parking lot, and 2 officers showed up saying they were just checking for drugs, or alcohol as customers have complained about smell of weed coming from cars in the area. They started hastling us with questions and wanting to search our cars for no reason, simply because we drove lowered import cars and they stereotyped us. My friend decided to distract the officer with a random topic saying "You know in Japan they found a way to make steaks out of human feces?" The officer says: "That's gross man", and buddy responds, "Maybe, but pigs eat their own shit and it's like recycled protein!" At this point, i decided to jump in and unintentionally say "Yea, but we're not all pigs here, are we??" Just as i finished my sentence, the officer looks at me with a stonecold face and says "Have a good day gentlemen…" and they turned around and left.
Mo K

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