I cannot wait for you to hear my voice in today's recital. I will sound exactly like Whitney Houston and Sarah Brightman plus Lisa Lisa.

Last time I sang "Touch The Wind" and the time before that "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" but it all got ruined. This will not happen today and I cannot wait to prove my talents to you.

Today I will be singing "Saving All My Love For You" by Whitney Houston

And I will be thinking of you, Craig

Because I am saving all my love for you, Craig, and waiting for you to dump Marni. What are you afraid of Craig? Our chemistry is undeniable.

As I am singing today, I might get nervous and look up at the balcony where no one sits. My Dad tells me not to do that because then the audience only sees the whites of my eyes

I might have stage fright and my voice might warble out of control. Like Maury-the-cantor at temple when he sings Ein Keloheinu and sounds like he is sitting in the car when my step-sister doesn't stickshift right. The car shakes majorly and we crack up and she gets in so much trouble because driving is serious business.

Sometimes if I am doing a horrible performance I start crying while I am singing. I don't know how to do that beautiful crying when the tears just fall and your face looks normal. I am not crying because of God, like Andrea who sings Agnus Dei. I am crying because this is not coming out it like it usually does when I sound exactly like Irene Cara.

Instead I am singing SAVIN' ALL MAH LOVE YES I'm SAVIN ALL MAH—and now I have to stop on MAH because of the huge lump in my throat. Now I sound like Maury and cry because I will never prove how I could totally be on Broadway immediately.

Or maybe I am crying because everyone says I am just too mature for Craig and he is too intimidated to be with me, and he is staying with Marni just to be nice. Craig, you are a total babe. If you love Marni, then stop flirting and controlling my entire mind.

I can wait, Craig. And I can sing just as high as Whitney Houston. She is totally in my range. I will show everyone next time. I think next time I am going to sing "Sometimes The Snow Comes Down in June." And I am going to sing this at the camp talent show and you will fall in love with me, and we will probably go to Prom. Unless I cry and my eyes turn white and you and Marni hold hands and ruin my life.

Thank you everyone for coming to my recital.