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It's about a week until I go back to university, and my mom said, "We should make sure Skype is still working." When I asked her why, she responded, "Because I haven't used it in a while!"
Scrub Tibbles

My mom, who runs a home business where she has to deal with Microsoft Word a lot, has yet to figure out many of the basic aspects of computers. Aside from the plethora of toolbars, the "if Internet Explorer weren't the best web watcher [yes, 'web watcher'] then it wouldn't already be on here" comments, and the incessant use of ludicrous name confusions ("MyFace" "Google Online" etc), there's also the thrice weekly phone calls for random help that mostly consists of queries on the level of "how come my tv works with the remote, but my computer doesn't? It says universal" [yes, real quote]. My father, on the other hand, no longer has these issues because I bought him a Mac and showed him how the video walkthrough things work. Now, whether he's actually making progress, or just thinks the videos are neat is another issue…
Rob D

No matter how many times I correct my dad, he still calls videos online "youtubes."
Matt S

Every time my mom gets on a computer, she has to ask me whether or not she needs to click or double-click to make whatever the pointer clicked on opens….the invention of the "Quick Launch" icons on PC's just made things worse.
Colin G

My best friend's parents' computer finally fried after so many viruses, so they took it to "Micro World" to have the data saved. This was a last resort after the flash drive they'd been using to "save 4 years of data" had turned out to be "messed up" and empty. Turns out, they thought that if you stuck a flash drive into the USB port, it would automatically save the computer's backup info. They'd been doing this for years.
Cat K

My mom asked me, "If I want to watch a television show on, will I get a virus?" I laughed. In a panic she closed her web browser and said, "I will?!"
Wheeler Reiss

A few years ago at Disney World, my mom told another woman that she "liked her earring". The woman was talking on her Bluetooth.
Jessica H.

I was helping my uncle synch a Wii Remote to his new Wii system. I was telling him directions over the phone, to take the battery cover off the remote and press the read synch button. He then proceeded to take the batteries out of the remote, then try to synch it. He quickly got frustrated because the remote was "Dead in the water."
Dillon Michael

Whenever I play wii tennis with my mom, she always thinks its her turn during the replay.
Robby K

Every time I used to mention Lost my Mom would make fun of it and go, "if they're Lost then why are there cameras there?" About a week before the finale I finally figured out that when I said Lost she was thinking Survivor. I'm sure I mentioned time travel and nuclear bombs at least once in those six years.
Adrian K from UNH

Today, I told my mom that I reached 100 subscribers on Youtube, then she said "Oh that's great! How much do you charge?"
addi smith

JAY-DEE. Thats how my mum pronounces Jedi.
Anonymously Anonymous

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