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My mom just got a new Android smartphone recently. Besides not knowing how to do anything on it besides play Angry Birds, I had to laugh when she showed me the finger nail polish she painted on it so she could tell which side of the phone was the the top.
Tyler T

My father just asked me not to change the Google logo so often – he liked the plain one best.

The thing that most confuses my mom (even more than switching internet browsers) is the fact that the original Star Wars trilogy takes place after the second one, even though I've being explaining it since 1999.
D. R.

My mom went shopping with my dad and they lost each other. My mother then tries to text my dad, "Where are you?" This process would typically take her around 15 mins as she HAS to press the number/ letters individually to get the word she wants. Unknowingly, though, I had accidentally left her phone on T9 format after messaging my sister the day before. In her frustration of trying JUST to type "where" she ended up just sending one word to get his attention….. "whiff." Since then when we can't find her in the house, my dad and I go around saying, "Whiff?"
D Bosley

When my mom wants to use my computer she asks me if she can "look up the internet"…
jenny holland from loyalist college

My mom made a facebook account like a year ago, and recently she told me that she wanted to upload some photos. I showed her how and I thought she learned because the day after she told me that she managed to upload several photos. Some time later in the day she called, she said that her pictures had been erased. I asked her to show me how she uploaded them. Turns out that she thought that to upload a photo you just opened a folder and dragged the photo over to the web browser with facebook open. She told me she did that for about an hour and a half.
Alejandro Barba

Every time I show my mom a picture on my iPhone, she holds it under the nearest lamp so she can see it better.
Seth Myers

My mother asked me today if clicking the 'comment' button on facebook submits your comment after you type it. She has been on facebook for about 5 months, and never submitted a single comment, though she typed a whole bunch.
Samantha H from University of Denver

This week's Helpful Son Award goes to:

At my mom's request, I sent this to my dad on FB-

Dad,I just checked out your page. You might already know this and be okay with it, but I just wanted to fill you in just in case you didn't know.1. ALWAYS typing in all CAPS is considered yelling and usually quite rude.2. All of your friends can see everything you put on your page… like the farting stuff… so if you and mom are cool with your pastor and all your other friends seeing it, that's fine.. just wanted to remind you in case you didn't know. Otherwise, you can always put that stuff in private messages just for the people you want to see it… like this one I'm sending you now. 3. Those games you get invites to… everyone gets those. some of the games automatically send invites to all the friends of everyone who plays to try to spread the word. Sometimes they get points for it, sometimes they can't help it. You just have to ignore them. So, don't be mad at them. Though you might not be, it just looked like it on your recent post because of typing in all CAPS and using so many exclamation points!!!!4. finally, you might want to check your spelling. I know a lot of young kids use weird spellings like "b4" instead of "before." but if you notice, it's only those young kids who do that. I know you're like me and spelling isn't your best subject. But there are easy ways to do spell checks I can show you if you want. It's not the end of the world if you make a mistake. No big deal. But if it's every word, it kind of makes it hard for others to read.

Anyway, just wanted to help you out. Like I said, if you're okay with all that, keep it up. No big deal. Just didn't want you to unknowingly be doing things that you don't want to. Love ya!
Glenn Jones

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