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A couple of days ago, my mom asked me to help her make an account on a website for some gossip magazine she likes, so she could get updates and newsletters. As her username, she put her first and last name, and then her birthday- 6763. The site limits the username to be 6 to 20 characters long, and hers was 24. To fix this she changed the number 6763 to 6759, then proceeded to curse at the computer because, "[She] took all the maths in school, 6763 minus 4 is 6759!". She has since stopped reading the magazine because of her anger.
Dianna Lacey from Queens College

Yesterday, I made the mistake of showing my dad that when I tell my phone to "Call A**hole" it says "Did you mean 'call Dad Cell?'" He thought this was absolutely hilarious and wants to do it on his phone now, but no matter how many times I try to tell him that his phone can't do it (which it can't), he insists that it can. He is currently sitting in the living room yelling "A**hole!" at his phone while pressing random buttons.
Irene Smith

My dad asked me to save "Google" to a flash drive.
Carrie Paps from Wayne State

I was setting up my parents' new computer, and downloaded Windows Essentials, just to get Windows Mail. As I was unchecking the other programs in the pack, my dad stopped me and asked my why I didn't install them. I said I didn't because they didn't need them. He then replied, "But what if I suddenly decide I want to join Facebook?" Because, obviously you need Windows Live Messenger to join Facebook.

When I'm with my grandma, she refuses to speak while I'm typing out a text because she thinks the other person will be able to hear her when they read it.
Amber S from University of Kentucky

My mom was wondering how all these people know each other's birthdays on fb. I told her she had to put her birthday on her fb profile. A day later I get an event invite to *******'s birthday…just the day itself.
gabe from florida

After spending 2 months working on a summer assignment for school i was struggling on the last sections. My mom constantly calls herself 'tech-savy' when she's not. Seeing me struggle she pushed me away from my computer saying she was going to help. i left, as i came back i saw not only all my web pages i was using all gone but my entire assignment was erased. My mom just turned to me and said "i have no idea what just happened." To erase an entire document on my computer takes at least four steps of confirmation…
Brittany Waunsch

Recently, my grandma asked me to help her burn some of her music onto some CDs. During the process, she started turning up the volume really loudly on the external speakers. I asked her why she's turning it up so loudly. Her reason? She was afraid that the volume of the music that's burned onto the CD won't be loud enough. She thought that turning up the volume would make the music "record" better.
Vanessa Ha

I forgot to pay my phone bill once and my phone was shut off. I used my moms computer to pay my bill online so I could have my service restored. My mom, who was completely amazed by this now goes around telling all her friends about how I'm so smart I figured out how to "hack into sprint and get free service" now all her friends want me to do the same for them. I've tried to correct them but they think I'm lying…
nerman Tatum

Everytime I show something to my mom or dad on my Droid, they always wrap their whole hand around the phone which inevitably caused the buttons on the bottom to be pressed. I tell them to just grab it by the sided every time but they NEVER get it.
Michael Kelly

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