11. The Himmler in ArgentinaNight of: Beer and peppermint schnapps.Symptoms: nausea, monocles, persistent fresh breath.Cure: Malaria.

12. The Forbes 500Night of: Martinis and alcoholic punch at an office party or convention.Symptoms: Headache, embarrassing letters to The Economist.Cure: 8-10 hours of sleep on the floor of an executive washroom.

13. The SommelierNight of: Wine tasting that eventually becomes just drinking.Symptoms: Headache, false sense of culture.Cure: Anything from Dairy Queen.

14. The Joseph SmithNight of: Copious amounts of 3.2% beer.Symptoms: light nausea, sore kidneys.Cure: High-altitude hiking, polygamy.

15. The Mr. Boston StranglerNight of: Forcing a mixer to work with an inappropriate liquor, i.e. margarita mix with Jagermeister.Symptoms: Shakiness, hernia.Cure: A drop of morning dew from a single white rose.

16. The Frat PaddleNight of: Keg beer and marijuana.Symptoms: Dizziness, "bro voice."Cure: Raw cookie dough and microwaved bacon.

17. The Willie N.Night of: Whiskey and marijuana.Symptoms: "Lot lizard voice," persistent cough, nausea.Cure: Scrambled eggs, and more whiskey and marijuana.

18. The Jerry G.Night of: Beer in tandem with multiple hallucinogenics.Symptoms: Disorientation, headache.Cure: Recording yourself jamming with friends; talking about how "awesome" it sounds between each song.

19. The Janis J.Night of: Variant of the Dancing Bear that also includes any hard alcohol.Symptoms: Auditory and visual hallucinations, disorientation.Cure: Writing, directing, and starring in a short experimental film, which should be destroyed immediately.

20. The Lizard KingNight of: Southern Comfort and peyote.Symptoms: Dizziness, tinnitis.Cure: Ask your spirit animal.