21. The Hollywood BowlNight of: Alcohol and powder drugs.Symptoms: Suicidal thoughts, dehydration, five-record deals with Sony.Cure: Yoga, cheeseburgers.

22. The Great White NorthNight of: Labatt's and Seagram's 7.Symptoms: Headache, Canadian accent.Cure: Anything from Tim Horton's.

23. The Chemistry SetNight of: non-food products containing alcohol (Binaca, rubbing alcohol).Symptoms: memory loss, insanity, superpowers.Cure: Standing near high-voltage power lines.

24. The Crunk 'n DisorderlyNight of: Cough syrup and alcohol.Symptoms: Apocalyptic headache, disorientation.Cure: Platinum teeth, fried food.

25. The Great PumpkinNight of: Beer and candy, but no food.Symptoms: Giggling.Cure: Diabetic shock.

26. The Czech MateNight of: Strong pilsner and absinthe.Symptoms: Nausea, symbolist poetry.Cure: Roast duck, "Absinthe-tinis."

27. The CandiruNight of: Caipirinhas and fried food.Symptoms: Nausea, DTs.Cure: Samba dancing, or, if unattractive, watching people samba dance.

28. The Ice PirateNight of: Generally occurs when attempting to "break in" a new blender, which involves blending even those drinks that are not generally blended (Manhattans, Martinis, etc.)Symptoms: Debilitating sailboat docking fees, lost saltshakers.Cure: Scrambled eggs and bitters.

29. The Spice PirateNight of: Bacardi 151.Symptoms: Burnt curtains from late-night firebreathing, splitting headache behind eyeballs.Cure: Conscription by a Dutch merchant fleet, constant whipping with Indonesian birch.

30. The East EggNight of: A large number of different drinks, all of which involve gin.Symptoms: Juniper poisoning, partial drowning.Cure: Wealth.