41. The Personal BestNight of: A post-workout drinking session that becomes intimate.Symptoms: Headache, awkwardness.Cure: Orange juice, rhythmic high-fiving.

42. The Venus in FursNight of: Near-death from inhalants, vodka, and autoerotic asphyxiation.Symptoms: Apocalyptic headache.Cure: Doing it again right now.

43. The Michael PhelpsNight of: Marijuana and Coors.Symptoms: Headache, prolonged loss of endorsements.Cure: Carrie Prejean.

44. The Mile High ClubNight of: Drinking throughout a long-distance flight.Symptoms: Dehydration, jet lag.Cure: Being slapped by a flight attendant.

45. The SherpaNight of: Drinking at high altitude.Symptoms: Dehydration, severe headache.Cure: Pancakes with yak butter.

46. The Jack TripperNight of: Going on two or more dates involving drinking in one night.Symptoms: Exhaustion, memory loss.Cure: None needed.

47. The Jack PalanceNight of: Drinking during robust exercise.Symptoms: Muscle spasm, testosterone poisoning.Cure: The Lifetime Movie Network.