This is how the Windows commercial plays out in my head.

ANNOUNCER: This is Jane. Jane has a 4 year old computer that she doesn't think she needs to update.

ANNOUNCER: So we decided to build a PC store in her house to show her what she was missing. Except she locked her door like most normal people do. So we decided we'd just break in.

ANNOUNCER: Then we got in. It took us like an hour. Seriously. We tried everything before breaking the window. We were hungry, so we made a snack.

ANNOUNCER: After the snack, we were ready…to build a PC store in Jane's house. Until we saw her TV.

ANNOUNCER: So we took her TV…

ANNOUNCER: And her fridge…

ANNOUNCER: In fact, we pretty much robbed her blind.

ANNOUNCER: Maybe next time, JANE will buy a NEW FUCKING COMPUTER so WE don't have to spend ginormous amounts of money on a store in HER house and give HER a FREE computer when you and I both know that in 6 months she's just GONNA GO BUY A FUCKING MAC! HOW ABOUT THAT JANE? HMM?