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Two weeks ago, my friend Bucky moved all the way across the country in pursuit of only God knows what, his last words before leaving being "And onwards to the core of nowhere!" While stomping the gas pedal to get on the road. While he was packing stuff into his car, however, I got the brilliant idea to place something in there that I knew he'd hate. I had several of his little Annoy-a-trons that he'd deployed all over my house, and most were still pretty well charged. There are currently 31 of those little beeping bastards going off in the stuff he packed up, of which are placed at random within his boxes and the remainder of them placed all around the car itself. To make things worse, some beep and some do this buzzing that will piss you off by the second time it goes off. I'm pretty sure he's about ready to come home and kick my ass for the interesting trip he had.
Anthony F. from UAB

My roommate is funny, smart, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous, but she has the most incredible sex drive ever. That wouldn't be so bad if she didn't bring home a new guy every other night (on the off-nights she shows off a fantastic array of sex toys) while she thinks I'm asleep. After two months of this, I got sick of it and set up a webcam, linked to a popular porn site. It's been two years, and so far I've made enough to completely pay off my college loans. Thanks, Chelsea.
Anne O'Nymous

I had a roommate who was pretty chill, except he didn't share my love for Keri Hilson. Usually I wouldn't mind, but he resorted to calling Ms. Hilson some rather nasty words when I would blast her music. So one day while he was out all day, I went onto his iTunes library, saved it (because I'm not that big a jackass), and replaced all of the song files with Keri Hilson songs. Except, I kept all of the song information, so his Kanye West album would turn out to all be "Pretty Girl Rock". He wasn't quite bright enough locate his old libraries, so I made him listen to Keri for days before I would fix his iTunes.
Patrick C.

My roommate has this boyfriend who has a really cheesy mustache. What's worse is that she loves it and talks about it all the time. She says it makes him look sexy, even though it really makes him look like a seventies porn star. One day they were both asleep on the couch and I was sick to death about hearing them talk about his mustache, so I shaved half of it off. For good measure I colored it back on with a magic marker. He had to shave it and it took them two weeks to get used to it.
Daly O from SMC

My roommate in the dorms freshman year was a real pain in the ass. She always had something or someone to complain about. And I was her favorite target. I constantly heard ridiculous things that she would say about me to other people that lived in my dorm; or was being scolded by her for unnecessary things. So of course, my new favorite activity became getting drunk and finding new ways to piss her off. Why not give her something legit to complain about? But this got old fast. Since she was always bitching anyways, her reactions to my drunken rampages just weren't satisfying anymore. She went to visit her boyfriend one weekend. When I came back to my room that Friday night I noticed that she left her retainer there. I picked it up and proceeded to spit in it. My friends thought it was hilarious. We ended up passing it around the room and everyone took their turn spewing into her precious retainer. Watching her put the retainer, covered in other peoples saliva, in her mouth was much more rewarding than provoking yet another tantrum.
Allie L. from Winona State University

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