Have a lousy job? Friends, family, and coworkers alike tired of listening to you complain? Well, send your stories here and lift some of the burden off of your already crushed soul. No drug test required.

I work at a large department store in the electronics section. One time, i was doing some cleaning, when i noticed a man climbing the racks that held the TV's. I asked him "Excuse me sir?" and he promptly responded with "Don't worry, i am just plugging in this microwave". Confused, i walked off and called a manager, but before i could even get through to them, i heard the microwave in use, and went back over to see what was happening. The man was using the microwave to cook his noodles. I started to laugh, and in the middle of my hysterics, he walked over to the counter and grabbed at the store pager. Before i could reach him, he spoke into the microphone, for the whole store to hear "Hey Brett, your noodles are ready at the electronics section". I had a hard time explaining how this was allowed to happen to my manager.

I work on the helpdesk of an IT company, and one day my boss tells me that one of the hard drives in one of the servers has failed. He asked me to go into the server room and find out which drive had a red light on it, as opposed to a green light. There are around 200 hard drives, and I am red-green colourblind. I spent 20 minutes searching for a red light before I gave up.
Chris Gill

I work as a radio host in a small town. Now, radio announcers are a breed all their own. We are all pretty weird but our fans are straight out of the wood work. I had this one regular listener who liked to email me during the show. One day the guy is going on about bacon and tells me about the whole case of bacon he just bought. He proceeded to tell me how he likes to cook his bacon and then asked and I quote "do you also like to fry up and eat bacon?" I also got some request letters from listeners in prison. For some reason, some of them sent letters written in red ink and it shows through the envelope. Needless to say, I'm always relieved to open red written letter to find that it's pen and not blood.
Adrianna Smith

I work at a grocery store as a stock boy, and one day as I finished stocking the ice cream section a lady comes up and asks where a specific brand of non sugar ice cream is. After I tell her that we do not carry that particular brand she proceded to freak out because a different store in the city has it and she knocks down all the ice cream off the shelves i just finished stocking. It took me an hour clean it up.
Johnny Hopkins

I work as a shift-runner at a local pizza restaurant. The other day, we were robbed at gunpoint about thirty minutes before closing time. The robber got what he wanted and no employees got injured. As per company policy, we locked the doors after he left and called the police and the store owner. I'm the only employee who didn't have their phone stolen, and am trying to get a hold of the owner. I called both his house and cell phone more than twenty times each. Finally, I left a voicemail explaining the situation and asked him to call us back as soon as possible. Ten minutes later, he calls back and asks "Did you guys just get robbed? How much money did we lose?" The conversation goes on for about four or five minutes and ended with me finally saying, "Oh, and nobody got injured in case you were wondering…"
Jim T

I work in a nice restaurant in a rich suburb and typically have to deal with snooty assholes with ridiculous demands. There's this one regular who frequently comes in and tells her server just a little too much about her life. Her latest story- how she was attacked by a man with a knife who is now in prison until 2036. All i wanted to do was drop off her wine, but she kept me there for 10 minutes to describe every horrifyingly graphic detail of the attack. Who does that??
Maddie Corydon

I got a job as a busboy at a new restaurant in town, and in the mornings before opening they made us stock the bathrooms and one morning my buddy and i were cleaning the womens bathroom, which was usually more disgusting due to tampons, and in the handicap stall there was this small bag with brown marks on it. My buddy thought it was a sun glass case, he touched it and i screamed when i recognized what it was, a colonostomy , or shit-bag for post surgery people. So i gloved up and picked it up while shit started to flow out of the opening and drip on the floor. Guess who cleaned that up too.
Tristan Idaho

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