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My School is split over three campuses about five minutes away from each other, so the easiest mode of transport is to walk between them. Today I was wearing my footy jumper cause my team won the flag for the third year in a row and I had to run from one campus to another as I was late for a class. Not wanting to break the law I was crossing with the lights.I got halfway there when two policemen stopped me and started asking me questions about what I was doing? Why was I running? Where was I earlier that morning? Turns out they were looking for person in a jumper with the same colours and let me go after giving me a good excuse why I was late.
Orange Egnaro

The summer before my sophomore year, my friend and I stayed up late to watch a meteor shower. The bridge near my house was under construction, so we could sit out there and not have to worry about cars. Around 4:30 AM we ran out of Mountain Dew and Pepsi, so we decided to walk to the gas station a little under a mile from my house. We got what we needed and headed back round 4:45 when a car was following us. Thinking it was just some creepy guy, we kept going until they flashed their lights. The cops told us we were out way past curfew and I said, being a natural smart ass, "Actually, we're a little before curfew" (Curfew was from 11 PM to 5 AM). I panicked as soon as I said that, but they chuckled and let us go. Thank God for smart ass-ery.
Sarah Armstrong

I am sure most everybody has seen the movie Dumb and Dumber where the cop drinks the p*** out of the beer bottle. I had a similar situation. I was stuck in backed up traffic on the interstate and had to p*** to the point I couldn't hold it anymore. I put the truck in park because traffic wasn't moving anyway, opened the sliding back glass, and grabbed two empty beer bottles so I could relieve myself. When I finished I didn't have anywhere to put the bottles, and I didn't want to throw them out the window so I set them in the cup holders on the floor and was going to get rid of them at the next exit. A little while later traffic starts moving and then a state trooper sitting in the median follows me and turns his lights on. I have no idea why he is pulling over so I pull off to the side. the cop walks up to the window and sure enough he noticed the beer bottles in the cup holders when he came to the window and told he was charging me with an open container. He confiscates them and walks back to his car and I watch in my mirror as he gets in his car and almost immediately the car door opens followed by puking and gagging. Yep he took a drink thinking it was beer. He comes back and gives me my license and proof of insurance and says just go on. I laughed for the next 20 miles.
Anony mous

One night while I was in college I was walking through the dorm minding my own business when I saw a couple of my buddies hanging out in one of the open rooms. I stopped to say hi and visited for a few minutes on my way back to my room when campus police knocked on the door and invited themselves in. They said there were reports of a party on this floor and wondered if we knew anything about it and then proceeded to search the room. Everybody was cool with this because we knew we had nothing to hide until they found a bottle of Southern Comfort in the fridge. They asked everybody our ages and I said 20 when I am in fact 21. All Im thinking is "Im going to jail". The cops wanted to search the other room and when they did they walked in on my buddies suite mate having sex with his girlfriend. While this is going on both cops are in the other room. This is when I made a break for it. I snuck down the stairwell to the lower floor and bolted, I ran as fast as I could to next stairwell and down to my room. I got to my room and thought to myself, what if my friends cave and tell the cops where I live. I changed clothes and left my room. They said the cops didn't even realize I was gone.
anony mous

One night my friends and I were playing soccer on a non busy street. A patrol car drove up and told us not to play in the street. As we complied, the cop said, "What!? You got something to say?" We said no and walked away as the car drove off in the bike lane, going the wrong way.
Max B

I remember this time when I was going to Vietnam with my family at the age of 7 or so. In my bag were toys, and one of these toys was a Beyblade Radio Control Gun. We stopped at China and Airport security checked my bag full of toys and took my Beyblade "gun" because it looked like a gun. I told them I would demonstrate it and show that it isn't a gun, but they refused to because it may be very dangerous. I had temper-tantrum and started to fight back by holding one of the security guard's legs. They told us to stay here for one night and I can get it back. I (and my parents) obviously knew the deal was dumb and left anyways.
Chris Nguyen

So once upon a time I was an exotic dancer. One day I walked up to a bachelor party table and asked one of the guys if he wanted a dance. "No, but my buddy does." he said. Well… in a strip club, if youre pointing, youre paying! I danced for his friend, and at the end of the song, neither of them wanted to pay the 5 clams I was owed. I told them theyd better cough it up, and one of the guys stood up and said "Im a police officer! And if you tell me the bouncer is going to beat me up if i dont pay, well thats extortion, and I'll arrest you!" So I told him "Well, if you are a police officer then you should know accepting services you dont intend to pay for is theft." They started screaming across the bar about how I was crap, but i definitely got paid.
stacey rensoh

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