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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I recently went on an outing, and one of the older people on the trip asked for my help, because she couldn't get her digital camera to work. She told me her son had just given it to her, and she just couldn't get it to work. After about 2 seconds with the camera, i had to point out that she had neither a battery or SD card in it.
Stephen Paul

One time my dad tried to send a document that he had gotten at work to his colleague. He ended up calling me because when he was putting the paper back into the printer (not the scanner I'm talking about the place where the paper comes out) it wasn't "going into the computer."
Finn Pollock

My dad thinks that because I have downloaded games from the PSN store, it causes the internet to be slower on the PS3. And he insists that this is why he is not good at Call of Duty.
Alex W

I was on my iPhone and my dad asks me, "Are you playing the birds software?"
Tasha Jones

Every time the TV loses signal in our house, my dad turns to me and says, 'What have you done?' When I defend myself saying it's something to do with the satellite company, he, without fail, always replies with, 'Well I don't know. You're the one who knows all about computers.'

Me: "I have the job, but because of financial regulations they have to send my finger prints to the FBI and do a drug test on me before they can hire me."

Mom: "Well when the FBI reads the bad stuff your friends post on your wall, you're never getting hired."

Me: "Mom they check for felonies and fraud charges. No one from the FBI has access to my facebook, or the time to sit and read my wall and report it to an employer. That's not what they do."

Mom: "You are so naive."
Lance S

Yahoo recently updated their e-mail service, and as you would expect following a major programme change they were a little lagging upon resuming service. My grandmother decided that obviously I could fix this, and insisted that all I needed to do was to "back" into yahoo. When I asked for clarification she said that I was always "backing" into the internet to watch movies for free. It took twenty minutes to explain that I can't hack, and I get to watch movies for free because I work in a video rental shop.
adam higgins

I was trying to show my dad how to set the alarm on his phone and he started to get confused after I hit the "menu" button.
Travis Coffey

I bought my grandma an e-reader for her birthday. They are fairly simple to use, and she is pretty decent with technology for her age. A few weeks later I asked her how it was going, and she said she refuses to use it anymore because it doesn't tell you if the price for each book is for a hardcover or a softcover. I tried to explain the concept of an e-book, but she is convinced that "it's all a big scam to get her money."
Cait B

My mom gets onto Facebook by opening Outlook, scrolling down hundreds of old emails that she never deletes until she finds her original "Thanks for joining Facebooks!" email, and clicks the link to her profile in it.
Elliott Jenks from UVM

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