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So a few years back my Girlfriend and I were at the local park Parcticing Martial Arts (We're both Karate Black Belts And I do Aikido, So it can look abit rough). After about an hour of doing various practices and mock fights I teach her a few holds I'd learnt from Aikido. One thing led to another and we end up leaning up on this grass bank making out.

Suddenly I'm yanked up by my collar thrown to the ground as Two Police officers cuff me. The whole shock puts my Girlfreind in tears and the two officers drag me off to a near by car whilst a 3rd seems to be talking to my Girlfriend.

Long story short a woman in a house nearby saw us "fighting" and assumed I was sexualy assaulting her. Police drag me off to a car (past about a dozen or so mothers whos kids are playing in the Park) listing off my charges. 15 Minuntes later my Girlfriend has calmed down enough to explain what had happened and I was let off. (It's the middle of the day in a fairly busy park in the height of summer… not exactly the best place to carry out anything criminal)

I dare not show my face in that park again after everyone heard me being arrested for "attempted rape". Way to ruin my weekend
Anon ymous

I found the new Blink 182 album leaked (I still bought it because I buy all of Tom DeLonge's music) and had it in my car. I was driving home late from work one night and l got pulled over for my brake light was out.. He was writing out a fine when he heard "up all night" and asked if I was looking forward to the whole album, I explained that it was the album and he listened to the next song, I offered it to him and he totally "forgot" about the fine.
Tom Bagman

Today I got pulled over for turning right when the light turned red. When the officer asked for my license,insurance,registration I remembered that I have the monopoly get out of jail free card with me for this kind of situations.

After giving him all my info, he went back to his copcar and checked my information. A minute later, I can hear them all laughing and thought to myself "whew, I got this". When he and his partner came back, they told me that the card I had was wrong. When they gave it back to me, the card says "Go to jail". After quickly searching thru my wallet the "get out of jail" free card, they told me that I blew the whole thing off and that they will have to arrest me as my act was considered as bribing an officer. I then realized that they were just joking around.

The officer then told me to make sure that I get the right card out next time I get pulled over. I asked him if I made his night and he said yes. After giving me my license/registration and stuff, he told me to have a good one and let me off.

One day I was hanging out at a friends house and we were bored. One thing led to another and we decided that as people arrived at the house we would "antique" their car and the person once they got out of the car. The plan started out OK, but then I decided to just start randomly throwing flour at people. My friends obviously retaliated and before we knew we were having a flour war in the front yard. I guess we got a little loud for 2 a.m. because the cops got called. I happened to jump in my car and take off around the block just before they arrived to avoid having my car covered in flour but they got me as I pulled away. I pulled up covered in flour as the cops are talking to my friends. I told the cops I got nailed with flour as I arrived and had now idea what was going on. Fortunately, they got called to a car crashing into a pole before they could sort everything out and left.
Uponya Johnson

One night, I was hanging out with my friends in apartment complex when we notice some younger kids head out into the alley with boxing gloves and begin to hold an impromptu street boxing match. Seeing as this would provide us with some good entertainment, we walk over and join the small crowd for the show. As the match gets underway, a cop car pulls into the alley and stops by to see what was going on. The first thing that came out of the officer's mouth was, "You kids lighting any fireworks?" I live in Southern California, where illegal fireworks are a big deal for the cops because of all of dry brush that accumulates due to the fact that it is basically an irrigated desert. The cop could clearly see that there was a crowd of kids circled around two kids with boxing gloves beating the crap out of each other, and so I state the obvious: "Nope, just some street fighting." The cop looked closer, nodded his head, then said, "Alright, just make sure you kids don't light any fireworks," then headed off, presumably to continue his search for some pesky kids and their fireworks. I guess the lesson to be taken away from this is that you can hold street boxing matches in Southern California, just so long as fireworks are in no way involved.
Randy Shoreburn

One Thanksgiving I decided to drive to Canada just to have something to do over the holiday since I couldn't visit my family. I left Las Vegas, NV right after class that day and drove for 19hours straight. I get to the border not having slept for 24hrs. They asked where I was coming from and I told them, then they asked why I was visiting Canada and I said like a smart ass "Adventure." I was pulled out of the line for a drug inspection and a urine test. They told me I looked like a tweaker smuggling drug across the border.
Michael H.

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