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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My stepmother signs all of her Facebook messages with "Toodles". Even comments. Even her status updates.

I like to imagine she immediately leaves the room after posting anything.
Adam Mongrain

About two years ago, my mum discovered how to play solitaire on the computer. About two weeks ago she discovered how to play music on the computer. Today in total amazement she told me she could play solitare and listen to music at the same time.
Candy Mountain

My dad thinks that usernames need to end in ".com"…
Miles Peters

Back in high school one part of my history 30 assignment was to create several WWII period propaganda posters; naturally I saw this as a chance to show off my Photoshop skills. I spent weeks pulling pieces from actual posters of the time and blending them with my own original artwork I made with my tablet. I even had it printed on 3 food wide paper and spent time artificially 'aging' it with coffee stains, tears, burns etc.Two days after the last class I found out I got 60%. Apparently the teacher didn't believe I could make something so realistic myself, she thought I just printed out pictures I found on Google. Most of the other students made theirs using magazine clippings and pencil crayons…
Josh K from MHS

My mother gets around 100 new emails on a typical day. One day I told her to open the email I'd sent her about a week before. As I watched, she began scrolling through her inbox, complaining about how tedious it always was to find old emails. I asked her why she didn't just search for it. Turns out, my mother has used the same email for upwards of a decade and can forward messages or attach files with the best of them, but she'd never once noticed that her email had a search function.
Theodora Farah

I used to work at a video game store. Between serving the tween geeks desperate to talk to someone about the obscure game they liked, I had to serve the parents who actually forked over the cash. Around holiday time many would come and buy systems for their kids. This was before Internal memory in the ps2 / game cube age. Parents constantly would come and buy the system and a popular game such as final fantasy. When I suggested the memory card they would look at my like I was crazy. "Why would anyone want to save their game?" Okay, fair enough, see you again December 26th!
Allison S

My dad just walked into my room holding a book light and asked, "Is this an iPod?"
Melissa Rackus from Ohio State University

One morning, my dad had to use my car to drive to work because his wouldn't start. When I got in my car the next day I realized he had changed every radio preset I had programmed. Every single one.
Annie T

My dad asked me to lend him my laptop to check his e-mail, he isn't very quick doing this so I went to read something while he finished, as soon as I sat with the book in my hands he yells "Son, this just broke, the computer is doing whatever it wants", turns out he had left his thumb hanging over the touch pad and opened VLC from the rocket dock… twice.
Leonidas Trujillo

One day I was showing my grandmother Youtube since she had never heard of it before. I played the ok go treadmill video for her and no matter how many times I explained it, she kept saying, "you and your friends need to be more careful when you're filming all these videos". She thought every video on Youtube was a home movie I made.
Sarah R

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