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When me and me friends went to Germany with the school (we live in the UK) we were staying on the bottom floor . We were getting ready to go in to the village and my friend who had been pulling pranks on us all through the trip was in the shower so the rest of us went outside and told every one to come stand in our room. We then took the towels from the bathroom. We shouted goodbye and pretended to leave the room. A few minutes later he came out the shower and shouted for a towel. We stayed quiet so he thought we were out of the room. He came out of the bathroom naked where we stood with cameras and about 30 other people. He freaked out and had to stay in another room on the floor for the rest of the week
Izaac W.

During my Junior year of school I decided to mess with my friend Shawn. He was one of my roommates and he owned a huge teddy bear. This thing was enormous. It stood like 4 feet high. Well one day I decided to take a shit and insert inside the stuffed bear. I cut open the bears stitching and then took a huge crap in a cup. I then stuck a single turd into the bear and sewed in back shut and left it sitting in his room. The following three weeks consisted of Shawn continuously coming to me and asking if I farted in his room because he said "my room smells like your farts."
Josh Conklin from Ball State University

i have serious issues with my roommate. The regular things like waking me up at night and being a slob. Last Saturday night during the football game I got my revenge. I was smoking outside my room when a middle aged couple offered me $200 to bone in my room. I quickly accepted their offer and showed them to me roommate's bed. Ultimate revenge +200 bucks
Justin N. from PU

So I have two roommates and one of them has a huge addiction to this expensive Godiva chocolate. She usually buys a few pieces around two dollars each and leaves them in the cupboards for pick-me-ups on her bad days. I usually snag a few which she didn't seem to notice. Then one day she splurged and bought a fifty dollar box of these Godiva chocolates. It was too much for me to resist. I ended up eating them all in one sitting when she was away at class. When she came back and seen the empty box she was pissed and demanded to know who ate them. Not wanting to get in trouble I told her the other roommate ate them and I didn't stop her because I thought she bought them. Furious my Godiva loving roommate decided to get back at her (with my help and influence) and eat all the food she had in the fridge and throw away the stuff we didn't like. When our second roommate comes back she too was furious and demanded to know what happened. We told her that her boyfriend came over drunk and ate everything. She believed us. I'm pretty sure I ruined a couple of relationships that day, but I don't care, those chocolates were delicious.
Becca from Hamline U

For the past two weeks I have been using black marker to color in the white patches on your dog. Whenever it starts to rub off, I color him in again. It started as a small patch on his face. Every time you didn't notice it, I started to color in more and more. I hoped you would have noticed that something was strange when his face went from half white to all black. I also thought you would notice something was strange when his back right foot turned a greyish/black overnight, or the fact that he had the word "Zorro" written on his chest, or that his color changes throughout the day. Our other roommates told you that it wasn't normal, but you kept saying that he was just getting old. Dogs don't go grey when they are only a few months old. We suggested taking the dog to the vet, but you kept insisting that "some woman on the internet said it was normal." I wonder if your family will notice that something is strange when you go home and take your dog with you this weekend, but I doubt it.

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