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I work at a bakery. One of my jobs is to answer the phone and answer customers' questions. This wouldn't be such a bad problem if it weren't for the fact that those who don't share my phone duties love to blast the music in the bakery and use their equipment very loudly, and the phone's volume itself is very low. One day, I got a call from a rather soft-spoken woman. I couldn't make out what she was saying, so I asked her to repeat it. I couldn't hear her the second time, either, so I let her know that I was going to a more quiet place (which I was) to see if I could hear her better. I think she misheard me. As I got to the quieter place and turned up the volume of the phone as far as it could go, she screamed, "WELL IF YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IF YOU HAVE THEM YOU SHOULDN'T BE F*CKING WORKING THERE!" and she hung up.
Bayley Namelast

I work at a pizza place, and during the summer, I worked full time. One day, a man stormed in and slammed two pizza boxes onto the cooks' counter, yelling, "This is the nastiest sh*t I have ever tasted in my entire life!" Myself, the new girl I was training, and the customer we were serving all stared in shock as the man bitched at the manager and the owner about how the sausage was supposedly rotten and demanded a refund, although each pizza had half missing. The owner asked if he had a receipt, which he did not. So he called head office and explained the situation to them, but the man demanded to speak with them, so he sat down and bitched at whoever was on the phone, but he told them that the BACON on his pizza had gone bad. The phone was passed back and forth between the owner and the man, and in the end, he got his refund. I would say it was the most dramatic thing to ever happen while I was working.
Pizza Girl

I work at this fast food type restaurant called Panera Bread. One night, one of my co-workers and I were just goofing around while on the line and we were singing Eye of the Tiger among many other songs. We also happened to be making an order while doing said singing. This lady walks up to the counter and my buddy looks at her and goes, "Wooh! Singing some Eye of the Tiger back here to get pumped up!" She then proceeds to look at us with this look of blank confusion, so I then say, "You know? Rocky 2. 'It's the Eye of the Tiger…' The main theme song?" She then has this look of recognition on her face as if a light bulb has just turned on and says, "Oh. You mean like We Will Rock You?" I look at her with this ridiculous smile on my face and am thinking "No, you moron. Like Eye of the Tiger. From Rocky 2!" but instead we both just smile at her and say "yes." She then goes, "Oh. Ok. Well, you should stomp your feet more" and stomps her feet twice to prove the point and then leaves. All I could do at that point is look at my buddy and just laugh.

I work at a coffee and doughnut restaurant as a baker. Part of my job is to microwave bacon for the sandwich station (it comes on a sheet of wax paper with 10 strips each). My manager always insists that I do 1 more sheet of bacon than I'm supposed to because we run out so fast. The thing is, the microwave will not let you manually enter a time, it has 11 preset buttons, ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, yet the amount of time to cook that extra sheet of bacon always falls between 2 presets. EVERY time it's always a little undercooked or a little burnt and I get in trouble for it.
T Horton

On my first day of working in supermarket it was the busiest it had ever been. While logging onto my register for the first time ever I had a bit of trouble getting used to the keypad. While I only stood there for a total of about 30 seconds trying to log onto the register one of the customers in the line got up me and told me I shouldn't be playing videogames while working.
Will Purcell

I used to work as manager at a local community pool. The pool is probably 50 years old, and the bathrooms have never been renovated. For about a month, we had an anonymous pooper who would take a dump in the middle of the floor of the bathroom every couple days (which I had to clean up). I mentioned this to my superiors on the pool board, and they told me that I should tell the lifeguards to start doing regular patrols of the bathrooms. Unfortunately, it does not take much time for some little kid to poop on the floor, so we never were able to catch the kid. When I told the board this, they got mad at me for not giving the problem enough attention. I told them that I would permanently station a lifeguard in the bathroom, instead of watching the pool. The next day they sent an email to all the parents asking them to have a talk with their children about vandalism.

I work in the deli department of a grocery store in Norway. I get so many stupid questions. For example, a man came up to me with red onions and asks "Are this the vegetables you use to make beetroot?".
Jens N

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