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Everytime my dad talks to someone on the phone and they ask for his email address when he gets to the @ part, he says "@ like the at sign" Then double checks to make sure that they used the symbol and not the word at. Every single time.
Kendra Lachmund from Ball State

This lady I work with showed me her filing system today. She has an entire drawer full of printed emails. Every time someone emails her, she prints it out and then files it in a folder according to subject matter. She says it's "too difficult" to find what she wants in her email and this filing system is much easier. Some of her file folder labels are "boss," "meetings," and "forwards."
Stephanie D from Texas

My friend's dad called me because he didn't know where the Desktop button was on his "icon screen."
S. L.

Before my mom went on vacation, I told her not to use her phone or else she would be charged a roaming fee. In Europe, she used her phone to upload 3 photos to Facebook, which resulted in a $45 charge. She thought the photos were small enough that our provider would not charge us roaming.
Tony Jones

My boyfriend's mom is ALWAYS on the computer so I assumed she was fairly good at it. I have sinced learned otherwise:

1. She has 3 copies of everything (and none of them are organized by folders or ANYTHING)2. She has had Facebook for a year I think, and just recently learned that she had a profile when I showed it to her. 3. I told her once that it was easier to find things if you save them to your desktop while you are using them. She has since saved EVERYTHING to her desktop. 4. She can ONLY use her e-mail if it is on outlook express. There is no other way.5. DO NOT PRANK HER USING THE COMPUTER. One day when she was gone, I took a picture of her desktop (with the TONS of pictures and icons) and moved them all to a folder in the corner. Then I set the screen- shot as her background so that it looked like the icons were all there but they weren't clickable. Apparantly, she turned the computer off and on a few times before cussing it and blaming the problem on a virus.
Anna Stelling

I was telling my mother yesterday that I'm gonna need a more powerful computer because I'm doing more and more advanced video effects and 3d stuff and the computer can't handle more complicated tasks. No matter what I say to her, she kepps telling me "but it's the program that is supposed to make advanced stuff, not the computer."
Alexandre Boucher

I was taking a nap, when I wake up to the sound of my mother screaming "FUCK YOU!" extremely loud. About two hours later, I heard her scream again, louder "FUCK YOU!" and I came in, and she was giving the computer the finger. My mom, being a really timid person, didn't usually do stuff like that, so I pretended not to be there to see what she was doing. She screamed at it, and gave it the finger again, and again, about eight times. When I came in, she said she had seen dad do it once, and that it made the computer go faster.
Gibbon Firetoss

When I am in my mom's car and she uses her phone, she thinks the faster we drive the faster the internet will be.
Safi Syed

Today my mom asked me to check if one of her old college friends was on facebook. When I found the friend and was able to show my mom the full profile she accused me of "breaking into facebook."
Jeff N

This weekend I spent over 15 minutes on the phone with my mother guiding her though Facebook and how to change her profile picture. I had to tell her step-by-step "Okay, now look to the bottom right of the picture, see where it says 'Make Profile Picture'? Click that." And so on. After I hung up I realized I had been able to given her detailed instructions about on screen prompts without looking at a computer once. I probably spend a little too much time on Facebook…
Adam Tyner from Gonzaga

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