There are truly no original ideas.

If you look back to the dramas of ancient Greece, you'll see the same love, war, and space marines we see in our favorite movies today. Even seemingly innovative ideas like the Shake Weight are inspired by the cultural amalgamation of hundreds of generations of thinkers, artists, and inventors. It should be no surprise then that certain stories crop again and again in popular media: we are as bound to tell them as we are to breathe.

Of course, with that in mind, it never hurts to outright steal ideas from other places and call them your own. Here are seven franchises that have been robbed blind of their nearly original ideas.

7. Doc Savage

The daring adventures of a badass professor, fighting against double-crossing friends, swarthy natives, and ancient traps in his quest for the greater knowledge of mankind. Indiana Jones? Nope! A totally different guy 50 years earlier.

Who Stole From It? Indiana Jones (and everyone that's ripped off Indiana Jones)

What Did They Steal? Personality, style, and purpose.

Created in 1933, Doc Savage wasn't your average serial adventurer. Unlike popular heroes like The Shadow (a radio character who inspired Batman amongst others), Doc Savage was no gentlemen. He may have been rich, but he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty and have his khaki shirt torn off.

Add a fedora and you've got both the look and personality that's made Indiana Jones a cultural sensation. And where there's Indiana Jones, there's also Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and a million other knock-offs that've led to a thousand disappointed archeology majors.