Ever have a funny/interesting/awesome run in with the law? Want to incriminate yourself on a worldwide-scale? Submit your stories here.

My brother and I were driving home from our Aunt and Uncles house when a cop pulled us over for speeding. After he was done talking to us, he went back to his car to write a ticket. We then saw him run back to our car, say it was our lucky day. He said he had a big fire to go to and didn't write us a ticket. We decided that we would go check out the fire. When we got to the house that was surrounded by cop cars and fire trucks, we looked in the back yard. Two kids had made a small fire in the back yard and put a lot of leaves on it so it looked like the house was on fire. The cop that pulled us over was talking to the kids angrily, then stared at us viciously.
Axel o

One time, my friends and I were drinking and wanted to shoot off some fireworks at night. We went on to a private golf course in a rich part of town and began making shit explode, bringing our gin with us. Out of nowhere, a blinding light shines at us from only about 20 yards away. A cop yelled "DONT MOVE OR YOU'RE F****** DEAD!" Scared, we stopped running after a step or two. The cop made us get on our knees and give him our names, but was actually really nice. While the cop was talking to us, my friend stealthy opened our water bottle of gin and poured it out behind his back, making a loud splashing noise. Somehow, the cop didn't hear it, and we got off scott free because the country club decided not to press any charges.
Leeerrooooyyy Jenkins

I go to a small college where an NFL team's training facility is. After we leave the bar one night with two of my friends from high school, one asks if he can see the browns facility. He had a fake ID with his picture and all of Bruce Dickinson's (bass player for Iron Maiden) information on it.

When we arrive at the facility and soon after the cops come. One of my friends from high school peed on the facility and my other friend was about too. The police put us in the back of a cop car for under age consumption. My friend who hasn't peed asks if he can go pee on a tree. As this is against the law the cop tells him no. We call some people to pick us up. They take a while to get there and my friend can no longer hold it. I am on the phone with them outside the car. He pulls it out and starts pissing in the cop car. When my friends showed up he lets them out of the car and we drive away. This is when my friend informs us that he has just peed in a cop car. The fine may have been well worth the laughter all the way back to the dorm that night of my friend peeing in a cop car and not being charged with anything.Addison C

Back in high school I was dating this girl and had snuck into her house one night. All was going well until my cell phone keeps lighting up, someone is calling over and over. I finally decide that somethings wrong and check it. Her crazy neighbor has taken the number off of my truck (it was for sale) and is leaving me voicemails about his property, trespassing, robbery, etc. I called the guy back and explained my truck was "broke down" b/c its parked on the side of the road. He didn't buy it but I hung up. I thought all was good until about twenty minutes later he calls back one last time to inform me the cops are there and are going to tow my truck. I end up running down the road getting dressed and almost get a gun pulled on me by the cops. After some lengthy discussion and threats, one cop recognizes my unique last name and asks about my parents. He knew my mom from when he arrested her! Which we both laughed about and i got told to go home.Shawn