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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My mum was downloading pictures from her camera to DVD. For whatever reason, she put the SD card into the dvd slot… You can still hear the card rattling around in her Mac.
David B

So my dad is under the impression that in order to search for anything online, you must include www. and .com

Here is an actual request:

Dad: "Hey, I need you to look up the score for the UNC game. What's that,"

Me: "Yep Daddy, let me try that."
Jenna K

My grandma unlocks her cellphone by taking out the battery EVERY time!
Philipp Schiller

My college professor put a rock on an overhead projector in a large auditorium (200+), and asked the class "what kind of rock is this?"
Preston O from The Ohio State University

When facebook asked my mom to change her password she said "well if I change it then how will all my friends know it to look at my face page" she then proceeded to email her new password to her friends so they can look at her profile….
Got Heem' from Bu

My dad walked into the apple store today and asked if it was the app store
Reid S

My Grandma called me yesterday, inevitably having computer problems. From her description, she had not registered Microsoft Office and it had gone into reduced usability mode.I spent half an hour walking her through registering, step by step, to which she always would reply "okay" to each step.It was only until I asked her to enter the product key that she replied "Will I need to turn the computer on for this part?". She had been writing down each step. She was sitting AT the computer.
Ben Kelly

The other day I was watching tv with my mom when a commercial said that The Lion King would be playing in "3D and 2D," which surprised her.

"Woah, they have 2D movies now! What even is that?".

I tried to explain that we were currently watching a 2D tv but I dont think she fully understood.
J Hat from Northeastern

My mum was looking for a picture of the Mona Lisa she could use for a class. I asked her why she didn't just image-search it and she was amazed that there is technology to "zap the pictures from the websites". Now whenever the topic of computers comes up she acts all superior and tells everyone about this great new website she found called Google Image.
Rikkilee Petterson

I received an off brand digital camera about a year ago as a prize at work and soon forgot I owned it. One night my dad was asking if it was possible for me to shoot a couple pictures for him. I decided it would be much easier on me, and much more fun for him, if I just gave him the cheapo camera I was never going to use myself.

Upon giving him the camera, still in it's packaging, I apologized for it's poor quality but explained how it would be better than nothing and he wouldn't have to worry about breaking or losing it. He opened it in awe, examined it, and in a state of child-like exuberance asked me, "Are you sure you're not going to use this? It even comes with two AA batteries, Erica?!"
Erica G from JALC

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