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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My mom was telling me that she and my dad went to the movies to see some movie in 3D, but the attendant told her that all the 3D screens were taken, and they were just showing the 2D version of the film. I asked her how the movie was and she told me that they didn't see it because they didn't want to see a blurry movie. They actually thought the theatres would show a 3D movie on a 2D screen without the glasses.
Arrielle Acosta from UTEP

My mom thinks its the funniest thing when the apps "shake in fright" on the iPhone. She likes to think that they are scared of who will be deleted next.
zack coo

So some tigers and wolves got loose a few counties away from my school. For some reason, my dad was concerned, so he called me about it. I was about to take a midterm so I had to reject his call twice. Then I turned off my phone. I got four voice messages from him saying he was really worried because my phone was now going straight to voice-mail. So apparently it meant that the tiger killed me, took my phone, rejected his calls, and then turned my phone off.
F A from Ohio State

This isn't one of my parents, but the lady that I work with is….older (that's the nice way to say it)- she's 73. She likes to think of herself as a very tech savvy, and will constantly tell me how things "should be done around here". Here are just a few things that make her so technologically clueless:She gets really angry when people have errors in their documents that she reviews, and insists that they made that error because they "super-copied" it. WTF is super-copied? She prints out e-mails and keeps them filed- everyone in the office has their own file. Also, she made me glue a small sticky note ON her computer screen in the upper right hand corner that says,"DO NOT PUSH THE RED X" on it, because she doesn't know the difference between the back arrow and the red x. When I show her how to actually do things in something easy like Microsoft Office, she makes me slowly go through it step by step so that she can write it down. My personal favorite? She has EVERY single pay stub since she's worked here (since 1967 or something) filed in her house, and she thinks I'M a weirdo for not doing the same.
Shane Wick

I typing my email and my grandmother says "Honey! your email has the symbol for the Sax dress company!!!!! (@)" Then I had to explain to her that email didn't steal the symbol from Sax, Sax stole the symbol from email.
Danny L

My dad got all excited when he found out how to text and started texting me non-stop. His favorite time to text me things is 8am. He lives in Rhode Island, I live in Arizona, which means I am woken up at 5am on a regular basis by his texts.
Kevin A

My grandma recently went on vacation and when she left, she unplugged her computer from the wall outlet so that she wouldn't receive emails cause she didn't want her inbox to overflow.

I didn't even attempt to explain.
Charlie H.

My mom calls ear buds ear plugs, no matter how many times I correct her.
Alan L

My professor likes to show youtube videos in class but he doesn't understand how to make them play. Instead of hitting the play button on the paused video he searches for the video again. When he finds it, it automatically starts playing. So instead of hitting play on the already fully loaded video he takes the time to find it and re-load it.
Amanda R

My dad phoned me asking to explain to him how to send a photo from his phone to his computer via bluetooth. His first problem was that bluetooth was turned off on his computer.After about 10 minutes of me going through every step with him over and over again he finally managed to send it to my mums phone by accident…Close enough.
Jack G

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