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My roommate had a habit of making up illegal and crazy stories that I supposedly did the previous night, and then insisting it happened when I woke up to freak me out. I got fed up and decided to get him back. After a night out, I woke him up frantically shaking him, claiming the cops were there to arrest him for robbing a gas station that night. My cousin busted in, wearing a police uniform, dragged my terrified roommate outside and into his car, where he proceeded to drive him into the next city, kick him out, and leave.
Anna R.

My roommate is nearly 20 years old and still uses the baby pacifier she has had since she was a kid.

After enduring a semester of having my roommate bring back a different random frat boy every night to have rough, loud, kinky sex with in front of me, I finally snapped. I sprinkled itching powder in her underwear drawer and on her sheets. The morning after bringing home her latest conquest, the fratster wakes up, screaming "WHY DO I HAVE A RASH ON MY BALLS AND TAINT YOU SLUT?" Her butt and croch were covered with a horrible, itchy rash. He was furious and stormed out of our room, itching his ass as he went. She washed the sheets immediately along with her underpants (at my suggestion) and was never the wiser as to why she had the rash. She went and got tested for every possible STI (a bill of over $300) and even though she got a clean bill of health, everyone everyone was convinced she had syphilis and was known as "Rashelle" instead of Rachel for the rest of the year. Second semester, I got the best sleep ever.
Peruna M.

My roommate is a bitch, but that has nothing to with why I did this. I wanted to take naughty pictures for my girlfriend one weekend while my roommate was gone, and my roommate's side was cleaner than mine, so I did all my naked posing on her desk. She eats at that desk, and she still has no idea.

I had this roomate that was really weird about toliet paper. I found myself always buying new packs of toliet paper for us to share in the bathroom, and after like 10 times of doing this I asked her if she minded buying the next package. Anyway, one night I woke up to use the bathroom and when I went to reach for the toilet paper there was just a blue sticky note and eight pieces of toilet paper saying "Sarah this is your portion of toilet paper for the day. If you run out, you must buy your own." The next day I called her a bitch and said I'd just buy my own package if she was going to be so weird and greedy, and she assured me that it was okay for us to still share. A few days later, there was no toilet paper in the bathroom, and I remembered that she just got back from Costco to buy some. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I called her at work and was like "Where's the toilet paper?" and she told me it was in her bedroom. So I went in her bedroom and I was like where? And she said it's in the closet. I opened the closet and was like "where?" and she said in a really low voice "It's in the suitcase" and as I unzipped her big airplane sized suitcase, sure enough there was a giant package of toilet paper. All I said was "Pip, you're fucking weird" and moved out the next week.

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