Over a million votes were cast, and the verdict is in. These were the 25 best costumes this Halloween. Click the images to see bigger versions.

25. Kerrigan, Queen of BladesThere's something authoritative about saying "I'm Kerrigan, Queen Of Blades," so even when people didn't get this costume, you can sure as hell bet they respected it. Win-win.

24. Chun Li, from Street FighterCall us crazy, but people seem to like Halloween and attractive, ass-kicking women. While we set to work trying to find an explanation for this freak event, you can set to work enjoying this photo for some reason.

23. Matt Foley, Motivational SpeakerIt's getting harder and harder to impress with a costume inspired by 90s comedy, but anything from classic Simpsons or SNL is still a safe bet. Not pictured: the van down by the river he lives in. Guy went all-out.

22. Zombie Steve JobsMoral dubiousness aside, credit where credit is due in a convincing turtleneck/jeans/receding hairline ensemble.The hairline is intentional, right?

21. Cardboard Optimus PrimeIt took this man some cardboard, paint ,and hard work, but he made an Optimus Prime that people probably liked way more than a certain terrible $200 million movie. Take note, Michael Bay.