20. Shredder and the Foot ClanThis group is not just responsible for a great costume, but probably also for sales of "purple stuff" taking a giant leap at their local textiles store. Looking like a ninja is always awesome, even if you have to say you belong to something called the the "foot clan."

19. Mil-House, M.D.It takes a special costume to do justice to not one, but two beloved characters, as well as a beloved meme. He's appealing to all the major demographics: Simpsons fans and high-end prostitutes. Everything's coming up this guy!

18. The Mad HatterBy far the best thing about Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" Movie (which isn't that great a compliment) was the redesigned Mad Hatter. It's appreciated that, given the vast array of choices "crazy 21st century icon" offered, he didn't go with Charlie Sheen.

17. Krumm and OblinaThis is such an impressive costume it's worth all the back problems whoever-is-in-the-Krumm outfit is going to have in the world, that and the number of times someone's bound to rip off one of the eyeballs and shove it down their pants.

16. Giant RobotHopefully, in the time it took for him to make this costume, he was able to find a Halloween party within walking distance. If not, the only thing more cool-looking than this costume would be the sight of him dismantling it in front of an annoyed bus driver.