10. Iron ManNow a Halloween staple, every year an Iron Man costume beats all other Iron Man costumes before it. This is that. Yes, we can sit around and wonder how long it would take us to fall over if we were wearing it, or if the eyes light up (God, we hope so), or we can simply give due recognition to the new best Iron Man costume on the internet. Long live this guy!

9. Mr. PeanutThere's nothing a cute single girl likes more than a well-to-do gentleman, except maybe a great snack. He's covered both these bases with aplomb while also living out everyone's highest ambition of wearing an oversized top hat/monocle/pocket handkerchief. He is the ultimate man.

8. Daft PunkMinimalist but inspired. The only prerequisites for staying in character with this one are looking awesome and people liking you without question. Plus even if he's terrible, he's going to be the most impressive person on whatever dance-floor he graces, as long as the lights are off.

7. The Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. FoxThese costumes are just a hair away from some creepy uncanny Animal Farm-style nightmare, but manage to stay within "awesome costume, guys!" territory and not "Jesus Christ WHAT?!" territory.

6. Mileena and Kitana, from Mortal KombatObviously. From the nerd-oriented but red-blooded-male designed outfits, to the implied but firm warning of physical retribution if any over-enthusiastic Bo' Rai Cho-type gets the wrong idea, there's not a right-minded human being who won't appreciate this duo.