5. Barbara and Adam Maitland, from BeetlejuiceWhat better way to devote yourself to a costume than to make one that renders any and all human interaction utterly impossible? These two are done with the whole kissing/dancing/talking at thing, they can just relax and do a "best costume" victory lap after victory lap around whatever Halloween party they find themselves at.

4. Robbie SinclairHe may not be the baby from "Dinosaurs," but you gotta love his costume. With all of the work that went into fashioning a dino snout, meeting people old enough to remember "Dinosaurs" but not too bogged down with young kids of their own to throw a party, and finding a red letterman jacket that wont induce heatstroke when worn indoors, it's a good thing his Halloween plans didn't go extinct.

3. Working Nintendo GameboyYou'd think it'd be difficult walking around with a computer monitor, SNES, and car battery strapped to your body, but he makes it look like Easy mode. Not to mention the best part of wearing a functional game console is you can literally play with yourself in public and not get arrested.

2. Misty, from PokemonPainstakingly crafted and coordinated costumes are nice and all, but it's difficult to top a scantily clad girl embodying a nerd character. All of you gentlemen who spent a lot of time and money on your costumes, Misty is both your trick and your treat. Happy Halloween, fellas.

1. Dr. Teeth and the Electric MayhemA lot of thought went into crafting these costumes, not least because it allows whoever was made to be Rowlf to hide their disappointment, and whoever got to be Animal to get ripped out of their mind and earn even more respect for their commitment. Now that they've won the 2011 CollegeHumor Costume Contest, all that is missing is a Kermit the Frog yelling "Yay!"